Are You Prepared for the Multitude of Life-Threatening, Nation-Ending, Extinction Level Events? Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges

The world is racing headlong into a future of life-threatening  and very devastating wars, civil wars, attacks upon the food supply, direct attacks on humans through “experimental” vaccines used against a low-level threat virus, but most of all, our very souls are under attack. The casualty rate from this all-out attack upon humanity is expected to be extremely high. In fact, the Bible tells us that if Jesus did not return, there would be nobody left alive. There is a fundamental question that every person must ask themselves: Are you prepared enough that you have a reasonable chance to survive?

I frequently use a tag line that reminds people that there are multiple fronts to essential preparation. Admittedly, the list is not exhaustive, but I frequently say that people need “food, water, guns, ammo, gold, natural medicine, tools and COMMUNICATION.”

Communication is the most neglected aspect of these preparation protocols. However, its importance cannot be overstated. On The Common Sense Show, I turn down 90% of all offered advertising. The rejected advertising is not due to the fact that there is something wrong with the company, product or service. The CSS only accepts advertising that has a direct impact on individual well-being and most of all, survival. Several threats to our survival are discussed in an interview the CSS did with Steve Quayle. 

In the following interview, Steve Quayle and myself process a few of the multiple threats being brought against humanity. 

My interview with Steve Quayle can be heard by clicking the following link

After listening to the show, you no doubt heard Steve and myself discuss the importance of communication. We want to share with you a fool-proof form of communication that is nearly impossible for the globalists to remove.


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