BOMB THREAT – Ukraine ‘ready to strike Russian cities and nuke plants’ as Putin reveals hypersonic missile will be deployed in WEEKS

UKRAINE is ready to strike back at war-hungry Vladimir Putin with missiles that could hit Russian cities and nuclear plants, a senior diplomat has warned.

It came as the Russian president ratcheted up tensions with NATO by boasting his “unstoppable” Mach 9 hypersonic nukes will be deployed in the New Year.

The Soviet-era Tochka missiles, seen here at a parade in Kiev, are Ukraine’s main ground attack weaponCredit: AFP
Former foreign minister Vladimir Ohryzko warned Russian cities and nuclear power stations could be targetedCredit: Alamy

Ukraine is on high alert after Putin moved almost 100,00 troops to the border.

Spy chiefs claim they have evidence a coup attempt is due this week and the Kremlin is planning a full-scale invasion in January.

Former foreign minister Vladimir Ohryzko warned Ukraine is ready to use any means at its disposal to defend itself.

He told broadcaster Channel 5: “War is war – if we are threatened with attacks on infrastructure, so can we.

“If today we do not have the opportunity to reach Moscow with missile weapons, then there is the ability and willingness to reach other cities that are within the reach of the Ukrainian missile forces, and which can cover very serious infrastructure facilities including nuclear power plants.”

Ukraine does not currently have any long or medium-range rockets after it destroyed the nuclear missiles and warheads it inherited from the Soviet Union.


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