“We Need to Vaccinate the World” – Joe Biden Pushes Vaccines, Endless Booster Shots in Response to ‘Omicron’ Variant (VIDEO)

These Covid tyrants will never stop.

Joe Biden on Monday delivered remarks on the new Covid ‘Omicron’ variant.

Joe Biden used the media-induced panic over the new variant to push vaccines and booster shots as Big Pharma conveniently has booster shots waiting in the wings.

“If you are vaccinated, but still worried about the new variant, get your booster. If you aren’t vaccinated, get that shot,” said Biden.

“We need to do more than vaccinate Americans. To beat the pandemic, we have to vaccinate the world as well,” he added.

Joe Biden failed to mention the Omicron-infected individuals identified in Africa and Australia are fully vaccinated.

VIDEO: (Click Here)

Joe Biden also told Americans to wear masks indoors.

Here’s hypocrite Biden shopping indoors in Nantucket without a face mask on over the weekend: (Click Here)

Masks are only for the peasants.


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