‘I Wanted Him to be Successful. He’s Been Totally Unsuccessful. It’s a Disaster.” – President Trump on Joe Biden

President Trump was on FOX Business yesterday.  He stated that he wanted Biden to be successful but clearly, that’s not what’s happening.

‘Look, I wanted [Biden] to be successful on the whole thing on COVID – or as I call it, the China virus,’ Trump shared on FOX Business on Friday.

‘I wanted him to be successful. He’s been totally unsuccessful. It’s a disaster what’s happened.’

‘I think he’s done a terrible job on the coronavirus.’

President Trump shared the following:

He has not done so well and as you brilliantly reported….They’ve lost more people this year than they lost last year despite the fact that we have all of the vaccines and everything.  He’s been so ineffective in doing his job.

The host then showed a clip of Biden during the debates calling out 220,000 deaths in the US related to the coronavirus and saying that no one should be President with that on their record, but Biden has many more deaths this year than last year.  “By Biden’s own standard he should not remain as President.”

President Trump went on to say:

“This is not what people bargained for… he lied throughout the whole thing.”

About China:

“After COVID I didn’t want to talk to China too much, to be honest with you.”

The President went on and shared for 26 minutes in this excellent interview.  See the video below.

(Click Here)


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