La Palma eruption upgraded to VEI-3 event, first V-VI intensity earthquake, flights canceled and the MSM still argues the eruptive intensity is decreasing

The Scientific Committee has reevaluated the Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption and upgraded its magnitude from VEI-2 to VEI-3. The classification is based on the volume of pyroclastic material ejected. Now, the eruption is mainly vulcanian and displays substantial tropospheric injection. (Click Here)

This morning, La Palma recorded its first earthquake with an intensity of V-VI (strong to very strong). The M4.6 tremblor occurred at 10.19 hours in Villa de Mazo. (Click Here)

The following video shows the eruptive seismic activity on the island. The two active zones have been separated. The intermediate zone (10-14 km) is on the left, while the deep zone (31-39 km) is featured on the right. (Click Here)

Thermal imaging video shows Cumbre Vieja in full eruption mode: (Click Here)

Geologists expect the formation of a new eruption cone on the Cumbre Vieja as the eruption is picking up again. (Click Here)

This dramatic footage shows the effects of recent rainfall while Cumbre Vieja erupts: huge column of gases, ash and tephra shooting out of the volcano. Rain started on Thursday and continued on Friday. (Click Here)

The airline Binter has announced the suspension of the rest of the flights scheduled for this Saturday to the island of La Palma due to the accumulation of ash. Flights will start as soon as the flight conditions become favorable.

People who have lost everything in the eruption will be relocated in a new ‘city’, including a school, shopping centre, health centre, town square and a church, just south of La Manchas. The new district, provisionally named Cumbre Nueva, will comprise 543 houses on area of 400.000 m2. Building will start after the eruption. (Click Here)

La Palma eruption summary for November 20, 2021

– La Palma is now a VEI-3 eruption
– First V-VI intensity earthquake recorded on La Palma
– Cumbre Nueva: New city with 543 houses proposed
– Thursday saw number of tremors spike, with over 300 recorded in 24 hours
– Largest earthquake since eruption began – M5.1 – registered on Friday morning
– Surface area of lava flow now covers over 1,042 hectares
– More than 2,600 buildings have been damaged by the lava flow
– Delta formed in Atlantic Ocean by lava flows now covers over 42 hectares
– Around 7,000 of the island’s 85,000 residents have been evacuated


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