Vax Tyranny Materializing Around the World

As Goes It Downunder, So Goes It in America

From Rae
November 15, 2021

Below is an email sent to Stan this weekend. This past week we posted a video of a massive rally in Melbourne, Victoria protesting lockdowns and required vaccinations. When Stan and I lived in Australia, you didn’t see protests, but then again, there weren’t these global shenanigans happening. Aussies have had a bellyful and are rising up. That was in Victoria. Now Queensland is following suit.

Before we share that message, let us make one notation.

A lot of people have suggested that the forced vaccinations both in the U.S. and around the world are the mark of the beast. We disagree. Here’s why.

In order to receive the mark that’s let’s you earn a living and buy anything, you have to deny that Christ is Lord and agree to worship the Beast, the Antichrist. That is the crucial difference. Doing this is a trade-off of a short life instead of everlasting life. See Rev. 13:11-18. Verse 15 warns that those who don’t take the mark will be killed and Rev. 20:4 specifically says they will be beheaded. Stan and I aren’t anti-vaxxers, nor are we promoting the COVID shot. We do want to assure people who are considering the jab or have already done so, it’s not the mark of the beast.

However, what’s going on right now with the COVID vaxx is a softening up for the real thing, a test to see how many will go along to keep their job and be able to move about freely. What’s happening in Australia could just as easily being describing what’s taking place in the U.S.

For your convenience, we’ve included a map of the locations mentioned. As a point of reference, Australia is about the same size as the U.S. 48. The big difference is population. Australia has a little less than 26 million people while the U.S. is just shy of 333 million. That’s not taking into account the millions of illegal aliens who have pushed through our borders. This is where Australia has it all over the U.S. They simply don’t put up with this kind of nonsense.

Dear Ones,

Please read, act, and share widely….

Nigel & I attended a World Freedom Rally here in Mackay yesterday, where our Federal MP George Christensen and State One Nation MP Stephen Andrew attended. What is happening around us is no longer about whether you can choose to opt out of a global clinical trial for a treatment for an illness which has a 99.56% survivability rate………

Both men spoke eloquently, but gave a grim picture of where things are at as far as our never gaining back the freedom we’ve had robbed from us, and how this is no longer about experimental medical treatments being forced on us, but our no longer having any say over what goes into opur bodies, where we can go, if we can shop…..these are not “priveleges” that our government can give or take away, these are basic human rights, the right to bodily autonomy, freedom of movement, freedom of association…since when is it ok for a government to tell you your family cannot even visit you, or you cannot see a loved one dying in hospital, unless you “obey their directive”?

The Mackay group is run by God fearing people, but not everyone attending is a “believer” – this is about everyone’s freedom from what is fast becoming tyrannical dictatorial government overreach, at every level of society, over an illness which has so far seen government intervention in so many ways that just do not make sense to anyone. The “cure” has become far worse than the disease, by orders of magnitude that are hard to comprehend, and no-one in our upper levels of Government is listening to reason.

Our rally was not “anti” anything, but pro-freedom, pro-choice.

Our group has the full support of local Mackay Police as long as things don’t get wild. There were over 800 people there yesterday – we need 5 times that number next weekend – but we had NO POLICE in attendance at our peaceful event.


* We had unsettling intel that the Premier is planning to lock down our district on Dec 18 regardless of any of our j43 rates (coding for respiratory diseases ICD-10-CM) – it’s punishment for not complying with her health directives (we have had almost zero illness up here, but masses of people having probles after their “treatments”).

* We had information from someone at the local base hospital management (who cannot be named) advising that the Base is being overwhelmed by sick people – all with ADVERSE OUTCOMES from taking part in the trial. The hospital morgue cannot keep up with the traffic, and autopsies are not being carried out.

* This person also advised that the reason Queensland is now without a Chief Health Officer is the man who was supposed to take on the role has refused to “go along” with what is being planned in the months to come.

As of Yesterday, any Qhealth employee (Queensland health) who still refuses to take part in the global clinical trial faces the threat of disciplinary action, a $13,000 fine and 6 months in jail.

* We heard that the ADF (Australia’s military) is at this moment in training, up North of Townsville, to be deployed door-to-door to “increase our jab rates” in the north.

* Thousands of businesses who do not want to exclude their customers are banding together.

This is so tragic, given that just a few days ago we all observed Remembrance Day – honouring those fallen Australian soldiers who would now be spinning in their graves to see the freedom they purchased with their own blood, being handed away so cheaply, for the sake of compliant people being able to access entertainment and being “rewarded for good behaviour” if they have the j43 – that is PRISON, people, that is NOT FREEDOM!

This is all quite surreal, given the birds are still singing, the sun is still shining, people are still heading out to the local dam with their jet-skis and boats. The shops are full of happily j433ed people, while the hearts of those who stand for truth and freedom are breaking.

But this battle is very real. Our event started with prayer – we all recognise now that only God Almighty can intervene and save us from our government – our governments at every level are just ignoring all our laws that should protect us, and inventing new ones on the run.

Even our local mayor – with whom our organiser met during the week – stated “you surely don’t believe the Government would lie to us about all this, do you?”

So many people still have their heads in the sand.

Anyway, my email has 2 requests – please PRAY for Australia, and especially North Queensland who it appears is about to have the ADF used as a stick to beat us….

And please, if you have the chance to attend a rally or a march next week – GO!

*There is a march planned for next Saturday, November 20th at 12pm, starting at Bluewater Quay, beside the Forgan bridge.*

Someone has to stand up against this tyranny, and that someone is you! You might feel safe now if you’ve had 1 or 2 of these experimental treatments, but in a few months your treatment will have worn off, and there will be another booster, then another, and another – no-one knows how many. More businesses will have to sack staff, close, more lives and livelihood lost – stand up now before your turn eventually comes.

There will be no end to this – the carrot keeps moving further away…..

Stephen Andrew said yesterday that our Premier is threatening all this to “stick her toe in the water” – to test us, and see how firmly we believe in our stand for what is right, and he said “let’s show her is she wants to stick her toe in the water up here, we will bite it off!”.

Please share thise widely, and go to a rally or march if you can, numbers mean everything to politicians, and we need the Mackay Community to make a stand for ourselves, our families, and everyone else in North Queensland.

Every blessing, and may The Almighty be with us all!



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