NEWS ALERT: Poland braced for major attack by ‘weaponized’ migrants

Poland is braced for a major assault by migrants on its frontier with Belarus tonight after receiving intelligence of a huge build up of enemy troops.

Polish Border Force guards claim their Belarusian counterparts are issuing the thousands of stranded migrants with instructions, equipment and weapons to force their way into the EU.

The article goes on to state the following:

The attack is believed to be planned for frontier at Kuznica, one of two main crossing points from Poland to Belarus.

According to a separate report by Reuters, “Thousands of migrants have travelled to Belarus in the hope of crossing into the European Union (EU), only to find themselves trapped on the border in freezing conditions.”

Hanna Liubakova, a journalist from Minsk, Belarus, has posted videos and details on Twitter, as the migrants have made multiple attempts to cross into Poland over the past several days.

“#Belarus Migrants keep arriving at the border with #Poland. It’s been almost a week since the rapid escalation of Lukashenko’s hybrid attack. He’s been playing with human lives. It is disgusting and unacceptable. Belarusians will be a reliable partner once the country is free,” Liubakova tweeted on Sunday. (Click Here)

“Poles brought more troops and equipment. The border control committee and police claimed that there might be attacks on the border later tonight. Belarusian border guards, they say, instructed migrants what to do,” another tweet reads, along with a video. (Click Here)

“More and more groups of armed BY officers are on the border. The PL border service claim that migrants receive instructions, equipment and gas from Belarusian servicemen. “Some tents started to disappear. Belarusians are preparing today for a big border crossing attempt,”” Liubakova explained. (Click Here)

Another video shared on Friday shows food being thrown to the migrants from a van. (Click Here)

On man interviewed said he came from Africa. “#Belarus And now Africa. These migrants are originally from Mali. They came to the Belarusian border from Moscow, Russia. One of them says he paid $2,000 to get to #Belarus. He has lived in Moscow for 2 years but now wants to go to France.” (Click Here)

There was also a huge push toward the Polish border last week: (Click Here)

(Click Here)

(Click Here)

(Click Here)


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