As Joe Biden And Our ‘Woke Military’ Set America Up For Annihilation, All These Recent Stories Show How Quickly Things Are Spiraling Out Of Control As World Hurdles Towards WW3 

We’ve long been warned that when everything was getting ready to fall apart for ‘the n.w.o. globalists’, they’d launch another global war to put everything else out of people’s minds and allow them to crack down upon ‘liberty’ even harder and as Steve Quayle mentioned in an SQnote while linking to this recent story over at The Drive titled “Norwegian Undersea Surveillance Network Had Its Cables Mysteriously Cut”, this is nothing less than “Prep for WW3 – this is what happens before war starts – this is serious!”

With that Drive story reporting the cables that were mysteriously cut, deliberate sabotage, were used to observe and detect submarine traffic among other things, as that story reported, those capabilities would make it a prime target for Russia, at a time when stories are popping up all over the place which hint of WW3 ahead.

Just check out these story titles from all across the internet, many of which were recently linked to by Steve Quayle, showing us just how quickly things seem to be spinning out of control.

From the Daily Mail: “REVEALED: White House has warned European allies to prepare for a Russian INVASION of Ukraine with further border military build-up and tensions over gas supplies”

From The Drive : “Russia Deployed A Smokescreen Over Its Strategic Naval Base In Syria: The countermeasure could confuse certain missiles during a conflict and obscure activities from some surveillance capabilities.”

From UA Wire: “Kremlin: Putin is concerned about NATO maneuvers in the Black Sea: Russian Defense Ministry suggested that the United States is planning a ‘certain provocation’ and recalled the incident with the British destroyer near the annexed Crimea.

From Zero Hedge: “EU Official Calls US Warships Near Russia’s Coas’Clearly’ An Unncessary ‘Provocation'”

From the Daily Mail: “East and West go toe-to-toe: Russian paratroopers are deployed to Belarus close to Poland border as Britain sends soldiers to strengthen Polish defenses after White House warned Putin could invade Ukraine ‘imminently'”

From Reuters: “West at risk of conflict with Russia, Britain’s army chief says”

From the National Interest: “NATO Arms Sales to Ukraine: The Spark That Starts a War with Russia?”

Sound to you like war is in the air for the globalists, and against their favorite ‘boogey man’, Russia? Another story Steve linked to on Friday tells us why we should never, ever believe what the globalists are telling us. From News Thud titled “Rep. Nunes says the Russia’ Hoax’ was a Narrative ‘Paid for’ by Clinton Campaign”, who’s ready for WW3 and nuclear annihilation for Hillary and the globalists? Certainly not us.

Yet at this point in time, who could blame Russia and China if they wanted to wage war against us with the US military a ‘woke military’ and a ‘woke military’ a ‘dead military’ as US Defense Watch recently warned

Warning us within their story that “the final destruction of the US military by leftist social engineers is at hand”, and that final destruction will be the “hour defined as the complete and utter decimation of the US armed forces on the ground, in the air and at sea”, that story also warned “We are woke and we are weak and our enemies know it.”

So while we’d much rather live in America than in China or Russia or any other nation for that matter, when we have completely ‘woke’ politicians ‘running’ America (straight into the ground we might add), the following comes to us from this US Defense Watch story.:

The Chicoms are pacing back and forth in the Pacific, ready to pounce on Taiwan. Putin is eyeing the Baltic States and the Ukraine, the North Koreans are conducting missiles tests again and Iran laughs as its bass boat navy runs off US Riverine craft with apparent ease.

The military’s eternal domestic enemy, the left, stands in awe at what they’ve been able to accomplish in 30 years. In three decades, they’ve turned Norman Schwarzkopf’s gloriously victorious desert legions into a Bob Fosse chorus line.

What started in the 80’s as the mad ravings of Patricia Schroeder and a handful of feminist loons has metastasized into a military that rejoices over babies born on ships of war and tranny four star admirals.

And, the buck stops in the Pentagon, a virtual fortress surrounding the worst generation of US military leadership, bar none.

What kind of a country abandons its allies and its citizens to 7th Century barbarians in Afghanistan? A country led by President Corn Pop, a man running on a Sears Die Hard battery that ran out of mojo in 1978. A country with Joint Chiefs lacking any vertebrae.

Our perfumed princes, our senior military leaders, have no will to fight, don’t know how to fight, and simply lack the good grace to resign if they don’t agree with White House policies.

While the Chicoms work like Keebler Elves in the Pacific; building bases, creating islands, testing new weaponry, the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, stands down the military to search for two white guys with Merle Haggard albums and Bobby Lee autographed posters. Good job Mr. Secretary. Why don’t you tell us how you cooked the books on ISIS while you were the CENTCOM Commander? Oops…

Then there’s General Milley, the Pentagon’s version of Orson Welles in an Ike jacket. In the Oxford English Dictionary under disgrace, it says, see Milley. There is no doubt the general has exhibited personal courage in the past, but any valor he had has long vanished, along with a 34 inch waistline. He is a traitor who betrayed this nation to China, because he thought Trump was dangerous. But, apparently President Tim Conway, the Old Man is mentally focused and Kamala knows that Pennsylvania Avenue is not just an address on a Monopoly Board.

With that story also warning that our military has become a playland for virtue signaling, with “ridiculous comments on Twitter emanate from idiot leaders like ‘celebrating LGBTQTUVWXYZ Eskimo Week at Fort Bragg’”, as that story warned sarcastically, “No doubt, the Chicoms (and Russians) are wetting themselves with fear.”

With the US military becoming detached from reality and in search of progressive values under Joe Biden as this April 2021 story over at Epoch Times had warned being some of the signs that should America get into war in the coming year or so, it could be a very long and disastrous one for the American people, so we should all be prepared for things quickly spiraling out of control at some point in our futures with the globalists desperate for a way to get themselves out of the mess they’ve created.

Long-pushing for a totalitarian, new world order, they clearly underestimated the American people with their 450 million+ ways of defending themselves against criminals or tyrants, with Alan Barton in this November 13th ANP story calling America ‘the biggest impediment’ to their global dictatorship goals.

So while deadly cat and mouse games are going on in the skies of Europe as the Daily Mail reports in this new story, and those ‘games’ featuring British and US bombers ‘intercepting’ a Russian bomber over the Black Sea another hint of war ahead with what could accurately be called ‘World War 3 war games’ being played out before our eyes, each of the videos below take a look at this unfolding madness including the final one below showing us a compilation of recent ‘woke’ US military recruitment advertisements that reek of the destruction of America and ‘white genocide’.

And all of this gives Americans another reason to keep preparing for troubles ahead, especially with America’s former military being quickly phased out of existence via that ‘vax mandate’ that targets US patriots in the military and ‘free-thinking Americans,’ as MSN had warned in this recent story, government’s across the planet are preparing to ‘crackdown’ upon ‘the unvaccinated’. This while ‘the vax’ IS NOT stopping people from getting COVID, spreading COVID nor dying from COVID.

So with patriotic Americans being eliminated from the military while a ‘woke, fascist military’ is quickly being phased in, one that would be much more likely to obey un-Constitutional laws and ‘go after’ the American people, while the globalists continue to ‘play with fire’ around the world, while of course, blaming everything on Russia, we should all be paying close attention to, and preparing for the worst, for what happens on the global front in the days ahead with the globalists needing a ‘huge event’ to complete the takedown of America while ushering in a global satanic dictatorship as Alan Barton warned of in this ANP story.


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