Gov. Newsom Reemerges After 2 Week Disappearance

California Governor Gavin Newsom is rationalizing his absence from the public eye and the United Nations Climate Change Conference. On Tuesday, the Democrat made his first public appearance in 13-days at the California Economic Summit in Monterey.

Rumors about Newsom’s health circulated since his disappearance on October 27 when he received a COVID-19 vaccine booster suggesting the governor was possibly hiding a reaction to the shot. When asked about his unusually low profile, however, Newsom claimed he had what he says was an “intervention” from his kids who were upset he was going to be absent for Halloween.

Prior to his trick-or-treating obligations, the governor was scheduled to lead a delegation of state lawmakers and environmental leaders at the climate change conference in Scotland to make the case that California needs national and international partners to join their supposed fight against global warming. Newsom was expected to tout California’s plans to phase-out the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. (Click Here)

The United Nations Climate Conference runs through this Friday, November 12. Yet, after the productive work week of dress-up, soccer tournaments and selfies, the governor still had a full weekend planned. Instead of speaking to the world about how his state is grappling with wildfires, droughts, oil spills and wrestling with a reliance on fossil fuels, the California governor attended the star-studded wedding for billionaire oil heiress Ivy Getty. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also in attendance on Saturday to officiate the wedding.


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