Thousands Of US Intelligence Agency Employees Refusing The Jab

Could terminating these vital workers create a national security threat?

Thanks to the Biden administration’s Covid vaccine mandate, American intelligence agencies could be set to lose almost a quarter of their workforce.

Many Republican lawmakers are concerned removing thousands of intel agents and workers so suddenly could be a national security threat.

Of the 18 intelligence agencies in the U.S., several have 40% of their employees unvaccinated and others sit at 20% unvaccinated, according to House Intelligence Committee member Chris Stewart (R-UT).

“My question is what’s the impact on national security if we do that?” Stewart said. “You’re potentially firing thousands of people on the same day. And it’s not like you put an ad on Craigslist and have people apply by Thursday.”

Meanwhile, CIA Director William Burns announced last week that 97% of the agency’s officers are vaccinated, and the National Reconnaissance Office in charge of U.S. spy satellites has a vaccination rate over 90%.

While the full rate of Covid vaccinations among U.S. intelligence agencies is classified, it’s estimated that 20% remain unvaccinated. (Click Here)

The unvaccinated employees have until November 22 to get the experimental jab or they’ll be fired by the federal government.


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