La Palma volcano update: Southern lava flow threatens to cut off El Remo and Puerto de Naos

With lava effusion remaining high, most of it has been feeding the lava flows on the southern part of the flow field, in particular the ones named 3 and 9 on official maps.
The flow fronts yesterday were still in the Charcón area and had not reached the coast, but threaten to cut off the only remaining access road to El Remo and Puerto de Naos. According to a local news article, authorities are considering building an emergency new access road to allow trucks to access the threatened coastal areas in order to assist evacuation efforts.
In the meanwhile, further upslope on the southern margin, another flow front has detached near Cogote Mountain and forms another tongue that destroys new land areas so far “only” covered by thick (up to 1-2 meters) of ash fall.


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