Indian Media Criticizes Pfizer After Ivermectin Success

A media company in India are ramping up criticism of COIVD-19 vaccine suppliers following the nation’s success at treating the virus with Ivermectin. In a recent report, Indian television channel WION claimed Pfizer is maximizing revenues by selling COVID-19 vaccines to developing nations on often predatory terms.

“What happens when vaccine manufacturers starts bullying? Governments are silenced, supplies are hoarded and profits take precedence over saving lives.”

— Palki Sharma, foreign affairs reporter – WION

The channel cited a separate report by Public Citizen that detailed Pfizer’s distribution agreements in emerging markets. WION found those contracts give up power to some government authority to Pfizer.

“Practically anything that a sovereign government owns — foreign bank accounts, foreign investments, commercial property, state-run airlines, even oil companies — Pfizer can takeover any or all of these from a government. Basically everything happens in Pfizer terms once a country decides to buy its vaccine.”

— Palki Sharma, foreign affairs reporter – WION

WION’s report went on to describe Pfizer’s actions as having long-term political, economic and social risks to developing countries.


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