‘Major Flood Threat:’ National Weather Service Says Storm Could Be Historic

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – We’ve talked about the rain moving into the area over the last week with the potential for flash floods and mudslides being underscored. Don’t take the dry skies and calm trees as a sign of what’s to come. In just a few hours it’s projected we’ll see historic amounts of rain, which could lead to those dangerous weather situations.

Sacramento calls this a major system and it’s something we don’t see very often in October, or really in any season, fall or not.

The amount of rain projected for downtown Sacramento by the National Weather Service is 4.86 inches in a 24-hour period. That would be the second-highest rainfall 24-hour total on record.

If projections become a reality, this storm would be historic—comparable to similar storms in 2009 and 1880.

However, at higher elevations, we will see even more rain.

Blue Canyon is a marker for the National Weather Service along Highway 80.

Fire Rope Fire Starter by InstaFire

They are forecasting a 24-hour rainfall total of 8.2 inches. That would make the fifth wettest 24-hour total ever on record for Blue Canyon and any area in the mountains if the forecast holds.

The storm could also make history because of its magnitude and that it’s happening so close to the recent fires. Burn scares this fresh combined with a storm of this size have officials on watch.

Craig Shoemaker, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Sacramento, said, “It’s just the matter that it’s coming so fast and over such a short period of time, and especially over those burn scars. And again, there’s going to be a major flood threat also in Sacramento and over the valley. We don’t want to downplay that at all. We’re talking about one of the highest rainfall totals, potentially that we’re currently forecasting over 24 hours period for Sacramento.”

Shoemaker’s words are another warning that this mild weather won’t last. In a few hours, we’ll see this weather system change things.

It’s important to have a way to get emergency alerts and stay vigilant in areas impacted by the fires.

The National Weather Service projects that rain will move in fast and that there will be a lot of it.


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