La Palma Update: Strongest M5.0 earthquake hits the island – Main cone collapses again – Amazing lava flow videos

La Palma volcano continues to spew out lava, ash and solid material from four main vents, releasing tons of lava, ash and solid volcanic material. (Click Here)

Part of the main cone on Cumbre Vieja collapsed on Saturday morning. (Click Here)

Following the collapse of part of the cone on Cumbre Vieja, fresh lava flows have been recorded emerging from the volcano. (Click Here)

INVOLCAN published a video captured from Las Manchas, today, shortly after midday in which several loud explosions can be clearly heard. (Click Here)

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Meanwhile, the lava flow – referred to as lava flow number 8 – on northern face of Cumbre Vieja is currently stable and stopped moving yesterday in the zone near to the school and church of La Laguna. The lava flow from the volcano have become slower and more viscous during the past few days while the plume of gas and ash rose at a height of 2,800 meters. (Click Here)

Monitors have picked up the strongest underground tremor detected on La Palma since Cumbre Vieja started erupting on September 19. (Click Here)

The magnitude 5.0 tremor occurred on Saturday afternoon, around 10km south of Santa Cruz de La Palma on the southeastern part of the island.

M5.0 earthquake hits La Palma on October 23 2021
M5.0 earthquake hits La Palma on October 23, 2021. Via IGN

Despite the presence of volcanic ash in the air, Spanish Airport regulator AENA reported that all eight airports across the archipelago are working normally with no significant delay.

Meanwhile, volcanologists fear heavy rains could trigger flash flooding in impacted areas.

You don’t have to be a wizard to know this eruption will continue for weeks or even months. And this big quake on the east flank of the island may just signify that new vents are also going to open shortly, increasing the power and danger of this eruption. Be ready, even in the US!


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