La Palma volcano eruption update: eruption continues with no end in sight

The eruption, now over a month old, continues without significant changes, and no soon end in sight.
However, at least visually, the intensity has been lower today so far compared to last night. Ash emissions been decreased and stronger trade winds bring much needed relief to the Ariadne Valley.

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The active lava flows unfortunately continued to advance and reached the center of La Laguna, where more and more buildings and structures fall victims to it.

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Volcanic tremor remains high, with little change, suggesting that magma flux remains in the same order as during the past weeks. The new vent southeast of the main cone, which had been seen appearing or reactivating itself and erupting ash plumes last Friday, is active again, according to reports, ejecting some lava material as well. The more lava erupts from this vent, probably the better for the endangered areas along the northern margin; if it starts to produce lava flows, they are likely to remain on top of older flows.

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Other parameters show little variations as well that could point to important changes: Earthquake activity remains elevated with more than 100 quakes above magnitude 2 recorded during the past 24 hours, slightly more than average. Ground deformation remains stable, with no clear trend towards in- or deflation visible at the GPS stations.


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