Highest Paid Washington State Employee, Winning Washington State Coach Nick Rolovich, Fired for Refusing to Take COVID Jab

Washington state governor Jay Inslee set this week as the due date for Washington State employees to get vaccinated.  Yesterday Washington State Coach Nick Rolvich was fired for not getting the COVID jab.

Radical leaders at Washington State University sided with the state’s insane governor and fired their head football coach yesterday.

Washington State University (WSU) sacked Nick Rolovich, its highest-paid employee, and four of his assistants, for failing to meet a vaccine mandate.

The mandate means all state workers in Washington have to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or lose their jobs.

Mr Rolovich, 42, who earned $3.1m (£2.25m) a year, had applied for a religious exemption from the mandate.

But WSU’s Director of Athletics, Pat Chun, said the exemption had been refused.


“This is a disheartening day for our football programme,” Mr Chun said.

Many fellow coaches were also fired.

Defensive tackles coach Ricky Logo, assistant head coach and cornerback coach John Richardson, co-offensive coordinate and quarterbacks coach Craig Stutzmann and offensive line coach Mark Weber were also fired, CBS Sports report.

Defensive coordinator Jake Dickert will take over as the Cougars’ interim coach.

After starting the season 1-3, Washington State managed to notch three straight wins for a 4-3 overall record and 3-2 conference record. The Cougars are scheduled to play BYU on Saturday.

The governor also made it so that individuals would not be eligible for unemployment once they were fired for standing up for their own Constitutional rights to privacy, etc.

Honey Powder (340 servings)

Employees in Washington state who refuse to comply with workplace COVID-19 vaccination mandates most likely will not qualify to receive unemployment benefits.

“The vast majority of people will not be eligible for unemployment compensation,” Gov. Jay Inslee said during a news conference. “So people will be without a paycheck the day that they are discharged.”

Inslee’s comments came as he announced a new executive order requiring K-12 and state university employees to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 18 to keep their jobs. State employees also face the same requirement.

Teachers, ferry crew members, and others were fired on Monday as well.  The media is yet to report on the significance of these firings to the community.  What an injustice.


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