Total Destruction Has Arrived! There Is Not One Institution That Is Not Under DELIBERATE Attack By the Obama Controlled Biden Administration

People ask me how I know that Fox News is the controlled opposition. It is simple, as much as they have covered, they never state that Biden is doing what every aware person knows, his destruction of America is deliberate. Biden is systematically attacking every institution and is preparing to hand off the fate of every American to the Globalist new police force, the CHICOMS. I cannot overstate how hideous this will become. 

Here is a partial list of the dire condition that exists with regard to the necessary elements to keep our supply chain, and ultimately, our economy going.

Truck Drivers

The truck driver shortage, estimated to have reached a shortfall of 60,000 drivers have been brewing for some time. However, under Biden, the shortage has been acute. Without trucking there is no just-in-time delivery to your stores and America will experience immediate and overwhelming shortages of necessary supplies including medicine. People are going to die if this trend is not immediately reversed. What has to happen? The cost of operation (ie taxes, regulation fees, driver restrictions, return to a decent wage, highway fees, etc) must immediately be reduced. The cost of fuel and tires has also exploded, thus cutting into the thin margin of profits as well. All mask and vaccine mandates must be removed as this is greatly contributing to the shortfall.

CO2 Shortage

The delusional climate change paranoids are happy because there is actually a shortage in CO2. The price has exploded and we have witnessed an eight-fold increase in price. So what does it matter? On the short end of things, you will soon not be able to get aluminum cans for your favorite drinks. Food life will be lessened because food cannot be kept fresh in transport and this applies directed to packaged meats which have been under attack by the alarmists. Also impacted are the availability of baby food, baked foods and extending packaged meat life. The days of dying of food borne illness will soon return to America, thus setting food preparation back by over a century.     


For some time in recent history, the cost of construction supplies were greatly increasing.  Almost all contractors are experiencing shortages. Lumber shortage has been well-publicized, however, the shortages extend to electrical supplies, steel and lighting materials. There is no quick solution to this problem because of the backlog of a nearly an estimated million ships off of the coastal ports.

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Coal and Energy

The Chinese are beginning to ration electricity because of a coal shortage. Their desperation reminds of the Japanese desperation in the late 1920’s which ultimately led to war in the Pacific. Further, one of our major trading partners, the EU, is in real trouble. High natural gas prices coming from Russia to Europe is no accident. Putin is taking full advantage of the situation and will no doubt use Russian natural gas to blackmail the citizens of Europe to the detriment of the United States, the EU’s major trading partner. Also, power plants in India are in trouble and in the United States a gallon of gas increased from $1.72 in April to $3.29! The entire planet, except for Russia is in an energy disaster mode. Wars have been fought for less.

Border Integrity

Biden has left the borders wide open…Fentanyl has killed 100,000 Americans this year alone. Disease bearing migrants are being shipped to every corner of the country. The impact on schools, roads, hospitals and infrastructure, as a whole, is devastating and it is illegal, but the rule of law is gone in America. We are vetting immigrants for terrorism, illness or extreme criminality. Already across America in many cities, the murder rate has doubled. Where’s Biden?

The Military

Speaking of wars, there is concern over the military. Over 300,000 are on their way out the door. We know that the Navy Seals have been told that you will vaccinate or be forced to repay the cost of their training. A dozen F-22 pilots have walked off the job. It takes $5 million to train an F-22 pilot. We are losing key military personnel. We are crossing the line where we can no longer defeat China in a war. While we play woke politics, China is orbiting hypersonic destructive missiles over our head.


Over the next few months, America will be 40-50% short of healthcare workers who are knowledgeably refusing to get vaccinated. These are the people who know how bad the jab is.

Where will you get treated? Getting an appointment to see your doctor will soon be impossible. And of course, there is the additional burden of the supply chain and that very soon, many will not get their required, life-saving medications.

3-Month Emergency Food Supply (2,000+ calories/day)


The families of America are being forced to take the jab or starve. Our youngest children are being exposed to perverted sexual practice in their so-called 1st grade classes. Our students are taught to hate people based upon race! Students are being taught to hate America and embrace the evils of Marxism.  Religion has been under attack for a long time…This is only the beginning!


This is only a partial list. Please bear in mind that I left a dozen other areas on the cutting room floor due to the length of the article.

Make no mistake about it, the takedown of America has entered the critical stages. The Biden administration is deliberately taking down the country, institution by institution while we and our military sit idly by and do nothing. 


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