This Black Panther Was Rejected, So She’s Growing Up With A Human And Dog

This is Luna, a black leopard (or black panther) who was born in captivity and then rejected by her mother.

She was adopted by a woman who agreed to be her caretaker.

“She was born in a traveling zoo, where Luna’s mother refused to feed her on the seventh day after the birth The zoo employees did not immediately notice that the kitten was thrown out of the nest, and it has led to unfavorable consequences. I was asked to take care of the kitten, because I already had a similar experience, and I was territorially closest to the zoo. I agreed to take care of her, and then decided to redeem Luna.”

Luna is also growing up with her rescuer’s dog, a rottweiler named Venza.

The two have formed a very special bond.

Luna is only a year old but is healthy and loved.

You can follow Luna’s adventures on TikTok and/or Instagram (@luna_the_pantera).


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