La Palma volcano eruption update: eruption continues with high effusion rates

The eruption continues at high levels with no significant changes, and no end in sight.
At the vent, mild to moderate lava fountains generating ash columns rising to approx. 3000 m altitude, and lava flow emissions continue. The lava flows continue to expand the flow field at various fronts, in particular along the northern margins, where they slowly approach La Laguna.

Volcanic tremor remains high, suggesting that magma discharge rates remain high. According to the latest figures, the maximum width of the main lava flow is now 1,770 meters. 1,408 buildings have been destroyed or damaged, and approx. 6,400 people have been displaced. Most of them found temporary homes with friends or relatives, while a few hundred are accommodated in the Princess hotel in Fuencaliente.
Sulfur dioxide emissions, another indicator of magma supply rate (as the gas is released from fresh magma early on), is very high, estimated in the order of 17,000 tons per day.


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