New Store Signs:  ‘Due To Supply Challenges’ Your ‘Favorite Varieties’ May Not Be Available – Reader Images And Request & Preparation Suggestions

We have discussed the food crises at length at ANP, including warnings from store managers, downplayed reports that the supply chain crisis could last well into 2023, with many believing it will be far longer, and now a reader has sent us some images of specific signs at her local NW New Jersey store.

The signs at first appearance looked the same and then we noticed the reason she sent three of them was each sign has similar wording, but the brand names used to inform customers of the “supply challenges,” and how their favorite varieties may not be available, we all different.

The image at the top details the supply challenges, aka shortages, at the “Arnold” facility, and the other two you see throughout the articles is from the Entemann’s, and Nabisco.

As can be seen above, there is no estimated date on when supply issues will back on the shelves, just that they are working with (insert name here) to ensure the product will return to the shelves.


In July of 2020, after the spectacle of toilet paper runs emptied store shelves, making it hard to find that very basic everyday product, no matter the brand, but people started noticing the selections at stores were dwindling.

The reason given was “Manufacturers say they are focusing on the most popular brands during the pandemic.”

Jump forward to September 2021,and the images sent to ANP (Thank you PipeLiners!) showed shortages of everything from milk to yogurt, energy drinks, certain Coca Cola products, lunch meats, produce, cereals, and images of the rapidly escalating prices for meats and other items.

In a September 21, 2021 article, we see a list of some items that are still showing severe supply issues, and other news reports indicate that more shortages are on the horizon, hence stores like Costco setting limits of purchases once again.

On September 28, 2021, Yahoo Life reported on a number of items that will never be seen again, or multiple selections from certain brands would never been seen again.

For example: Progresso soups will still be found, but the company has cut 40 different types of soups from being manufactured.

To be clear, you’ll still see Progresso’s canned soups at the store—there just won’t be as many options as there were before the pandemic. In July, Bloomberg reported that Progresso has cut 40 types of soup from its offerings. And while the full list of discontinued flavors isn’t available, it might include one of your favorites. 

Other items include Smurfs Chef Boyardee for children; Certain Campbells canned soups;  Canned mac and cheese (yes, sounds horrible, but it sold well); Trader Joe’s has discontinued several of its chili offerings, including the fan-favorite veggie chili; Some Dinty Moore products, just to name a few as examples.

Those were only canned products.

According to a survey by Oracle, published on September 29, 2021:

• 77% say the rise of the COVID-19 Delta variant is increasing their supply chain concerns

• 92% believe more disruptions are coming

• 66% are scared the disruptions will never end

The point here is that anybody that does not have their head up their…….errrrr….. buried in the sand, sees what is happening and is planning appropriately. 

Those in denial, despite even the MSM starting to admit there is a seriously problem (which tells us it is much worse than even we imagine), will find themselves spending more and findingless at the grocery store.

We have covered the supply chain shortages at length, and those that still need to top off their stocks while  they still can find the products they want online, if the stores do not have them, can check out Stefan Stanford’s recent piece titled “‘This Is Beyond Crazy, We’ve Never Seen Shelves This Empty’: Store Manager Warns ANP ‘We’ve Been Told It’s Only Going To Get Worse’ As Biden Pushes ‘Paper’s Please’ For Interstate Travel.”

Recently we received a reader suggestion and request via email, shown below:

Maybe- Next food shortage article, include more gardening information. Even growing a couple of plants indoors can be helpful. It is easier than most people believe. Also, information about sprouts, food in 5-7 days. Just a suggestion, I know you are busy.

Thank you both for all your hard work.

While we have done gardening pieces before, that is an extremely timely request as each season has foods best grown, and with the reported upcoming shortages, lack of selections, and the issues with farming, weather, global supply chain issues, etc…. it is well worth covering that aspect of prepping and survival.

The email reference to sprouts is because they are considered a “superfood,” with plenty of nutrients, with some ready to eat within a week, other two, and can be used on sandwiches, salads, in soups and stews, and many other uses.  

They may not be overly filling on their own, but they are certainly helpful when food is scarce and supplemental nutrients are needed.

There a number of sprouting trays (no need for dirt!) available.

For that prefer to just use household items, some mason jars, cloth or mesh and rubber bands can work quite well.

 1. Choose a container: a simple glass jar covered with a mesh screen and a food grade rubber band works well. You can also purchase multi-tiered plastic containers that hold multiple seeds, beans, or nuts.

2. Soak your seeds, beans or nuts for 8-12 hours. Make sure you add 4 parts water to one part seed. Rinse.

3. Repeat rinse 2 times a day. Be careful to keep your sprouts drained because they rot if left in water.=

4. Keep sprouts moist but not wet, grow at room temperature, allow plenty of air and be sure not to overfill container.

Get some stew vegetables, or grow your own inside your home if you live in cold weather climates, and salad items, lettuce and tomato, and between those crops and your sprouts, you have a tasty, fresh, nutritious meal.

Books are a must, at least in my opinion, because heaven forbid the Internet goes down, or a grid down scenario, a physical paperback or hard covered book, can help you learn to survive without grocery stores.

Add what you grow to a handful of freeze dried meats, and you have a delicious, healthy meal.

Indoor Growing:

Don’t forget your indoor grow lights, for those that do not have the window space for full sun coverage.


With the rapidly rising price of meats, which is expected to continue to spike, freeze dried meats are handy to have, a handful with veggies and BOOM, you have a meal.

With that said, supplemental protein can save on having to use your entire supply as these food chain issues continue, which is where protein powders come in.

We see prepping pieces all the time, and while some do address protein powders, we do not see nearly enough.

NOTE: Protein powders used to be less expensive at drug stores or grocery stores than online, but their selections are woefully limited compared to online options, and as more discover they may need other types of protein, there is no knowing if we will see shortages in that area or not.

As per the reader that suggested the sprout/gardening aspect of this articles, some are having problems finding pill/liquid forms of the following.





Being prepared, as prepared as possible for any type of disaster scenario is critical for survival, and also takes much of the fear out of the possibility of catastrophe, because when one has done all they can do, they have no reason to worry about “do I have this,” or “will I be able to get that?” 

Prepping is not just about survival, although that is the number one reason, but it is also about a mindset of “I am ready for anything that comes at me.”

Some learned that lesson from the shortages of 2020, and many more will be forced to learn that lesson as more items disappear from the store shelves and prices rise to the point where people either eat less for the same amount, or pay more, which in a lot of cases, isn’t a possibility because the money just isn’t there.

Prepare & Survive.


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