La Palma eruption update: Lava flow reaches coastal line and is about to enter the ocean – Sulphur dioxide reaches Arctic Svalbard archipelago – La Palma’s banana crop ravaged

Sep 28, 2021

Here’s an update about the current state of the La Palma’s volcanic eruption as of September 28, 2021.

Breaking: The stream of lava from the volcano in La Palma will soon reach the ocean! (Click Here)

Lava is just a few meters from the Ocean: (Click Here)

The following animation shows the area of exclusion. (Click Here)

Just a few hours ago, lava was currently 800m from sea and residents in La Palma have been told to stay indoors. (Click Here)

Meanwhile, the lava flow has accelerated in the descent from the Mountain of Tres Picos in Tazacorte, after coming down the Pampillo Core and has also buried the La Costa highway, the last connection to the Southwest of the Island from the Aridane Valley. (Click to Source)

Latest stats

Copernicus’ Rapid Mapping Team has released its 9th monitoring product for La Palma using a new radar image.

– 589 buildings destroyed (+76 compared to Monit08)
– The lava flow covers 258 ha (+20.5 ha in 19h)
– 21 km of roads destroyed (Click Here)

Strombolian explosions

River of lava flowing from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma after new Strombolian explosions. (Click Here)

This false color SkySat image captured lava snaking through La Palma on September 26, 2021: (Click Here)

Sulphur dioxide will reach Svalbard archipelago, a Norwegian territory in the Arctic Ocean with one of the world’s northernmost cities, Longyearbyen. (Click Here)

The streets of La Palma have been stained grey and black for a week due to the ash falling from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, causing serious problems to the citizens and generating a threat for October, when the rains will arrive on the island. (Click Here)

The lava from the La Palma volcano has entered the banana plantation area and has burned plastics from greenhouses and fertilizers (NOT WATER TANKS), creating a toxic cloud. According to authorities the gas is already diluted… (Click Here)

Spain’s Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) has detected six earthquakes in the area affected by the volcanic eruption of Cumbre Vieja, on La Palma, with a maximum recorded magnitude of 2.9 in a seismic movement that occurred 10 kilometers deep… Is a new vent about to open in the tsunami prone area?(Click Here)

And here another map: (Click Here)

One home in La Palma has been dubbed ‘casa milagro’ (the miracle house) after it managed to narrowly avoid being engulfed buy the lava flow that has so far destroyed more than 590 buildings…(Click Here)

(Click to Source)

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