As We Reported Months Ago: Maricopa County Hired Two Firms to Audit its 2020 Election Results – Senate Audit Confirms Their Work Was Shoddy at Best

By Joe Hoft Published September 27, 2021 at 1:10pm

Maricopa County hired two firms to perform abbreviated IT audits for around $100,000 in place of the forensic audit performed in Arizona.  The results of the Senate’s audit show that their work was shoddy at best.

We reported in January that the voting machine-related companies that were selected by Maricopa County to perform audits of the County’s 2020 Election results were not certified by the EAC as the County claimed. (Click Here)

These same firms were involved in certifying machines across the country before the 2020 election.

(Click Here)

We performed a comparison between the work from the two audit firms and the Senate in May, noting how much better the Senate’s work was. (Click Here)

One thing we learned from the Senate audit was that work of the auditors hired by the county was shoddy because numerous items identified by the Senate auditors were identified by the garbage auditors hired by the County.

Here is a list of some of the items identified by the Senate that were missed by the County auditors.  In addition, the work of the Maricopa Auditors to provide an EAC Certification was not valid.

Here is the entire presentation of Mr. Cotton as given on Friday.

Cotton Presentation by Jim Hoft on Scribd (Click Here)

The Senate’s audit was much better than the sampling work done by the County’s auditors.  Now we have evidence to prove it. (Click to Source)

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