Flynn, Lindell: “If We Don’t Resolve This, We Lose Our Country”

Ava Garcia 12 hours ago

These are the combined words and the commonly expressed opinion by two of the greatest living patriots in America at the moment. General Michael Flynn and Mike Lindell.

Both of them have been fighting hard, investing a lot of assets in the fight for the future of America and Americans. And considering how frequently they both get vigorously attacked by the Liberals, you ought to sense – the dogs don’t bark on an empty lot! There’s something to it! (Click Here)

General Michael Flynn: This is not the biggest crime of this century, Mike. This is the biggest crime in the history of the United States of America because this could end our country.

Mike Lindell: Everything, everything.

General Michael Flynn: Everything that is unraveling, everything that has started, that we are all living under right now, everybody feels the way I feel because I’ve talked to millions of people around this country and I’m just telling you, you know, and not now I’m getting on my soapbox because this is this was the crime of all crimes.

Mike Lindell: Of all crimes. Yup.

General Michael Flynn: I mean, we cannot have this. We cannot have this feeling. We cannot have this actual, you know, action that occurred, and we have to resolve it. We must resolve it. Otherwise, we lose this country.

Mike Lindell: Well, if you don’t, if we don’t, we lose this country. Right.

The audit has been referred to the Arizona Attorney General for criminal investigation. (Click Here)

The audit has been referred to the Arizona Attorney General for further action (Click Here)



 (@RED_IN_PA_2) September 24, 2021

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