IT’S ALL ABOUT CHAIN OF CUSTODY DOCUMENTATION – Georgia’s 2020 Election Comes Down to This

By Joe Hoft Published September 20, 2021 at 11:00am

Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Raffensperger has a problem.  He certified an illegitimate election result.

It all comes down to this.  The Democrats and RINOs all knew this and tried to do all they could to redirect auditors and patriots who want free and fair elections away from it.  All absentee ballots must have legally required chain of custody documentation – records of who handled the ballots and when.  If the documentation is not there, the ballots are illegitimate.

In Georgia we reported that this documentation was lacking since December, after the election was certified.  We first reported that the state lacked chain of custody documentation on 460,000 ballots.  Then we noted in March that there still were 400,000 ballots missing this legally required documentation. (Click Here)

By May the number was still over 350,000 ballots without the required chain of custody documentation.  Then it was reported in June that 1 in 4 absentee ballots in Fulton County (Georgia’s largest county and where Atlanta is located) was without chain of custody documentation.  This alone was enough to change the election that was given to Biden by 12,000 votes.  At this point, the corrupt Secretary of State Raffensperger pretended to only then notice.

(Click Here)

Then it was reported that DeKalb County in Georgia was without chain of custody documentation on 43,000 ballots, and on Friday President Trump sent a list of 43,000 ballots without chain of custody documentation, demanding corrupt Raffensperger to address these based on legal requirements and name the true winner of the state once these illegitimate winner has been identified. (Click Here)

So will Raffensperger manufacture 43,000 chain of custody documents and claim they were just found, or will he address the issue and claim President Trump won the state’s election based on the law, or will he attempt to stall for another year and then destroy the evidence?

Americans are getting very impatient.  It’s time Raffensperger and others face the truth and then are prosecuted for election fraud and perhaps even treason. (Click to Source)

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