Terrifying videos: The Cumbre Vieja volcano finally erupts on La Palma after more than 6,600 earthquakes in 8 days

Sep 19, 2021

News from La Palma, Canary Islands, where La Cumbre Vieja started erupting at 15:15 local time (14:15 GMT) after a seismic crisis with more than 6600 earthquakes during the last 8 days and a vertical ground deformation that reached 15 cm.

Teneguía volcano in La Palma in Spain’s Canary Islands erupted on Sunday at 3.15pm in the Montaña Rajada mountains (Cabeza de Vaca), in the municipality of El Paso.

location of la palma volcano eruption
Location of La Palma volcano eruption. Map via El Pais

A small tremor hit the Las Manchas neighborhood before the volcano spewed out a great plume of smoke and ash.

An eruptive fissure is developing, producing lava fountains and lava flows. (Click Here)

Evacuation of people living in the nearby area is ongoing. The population of nearby villages were told to go to one of five centers to be evacuated and soldiers were deployed to help.

The municipality urged residents in a statement to “exercise extreme caution”, and stay away from the area and off the roads.

Spanish television (TVE) showed fountains of lava shooting into the sky and plumes of smoke could be seen from across the island.

If you speak Spanish, you are lucky! Here a live feed:

Stavros Meletlidis, a doctor of volcanology at the Spanish Geographical Institute, said the eruption had opened up five fissures in the hillside and that he could not be sure how long the eruption would last.

“We have to measure the lava every day and that will help us to work it out.”

Canary Islands President Angel Victor Torres told TVE that no injuries had been reported so far.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tweeted that he had postponed his trip to the United Nations General Assembly in New York and was on his way to La Palma. (Click Here)

Flights to and from the Canaries were continuing as normal, the airport operator Aena said.

La Palma had been on high alert after more than 22,000 tremors were reported in the space of a week in Cumbre Vieja, a chain of volcanoes that last had a major eruption in 1971 and is one of the most active volcanic regions in the Canaries. (Click Here)

The earliest recorded eruption in La Palma was in 1430, according to the Spanish National Geographical Institute (ING). (Click Here)

In 1971, one man was killed as he was taking photographs near the lava flows, but no property was damaged. [IGN,El PaisSwissinfo]

Is this new La Palma volcano eruption going to lead to the so feared megatsunami? (Click to Source)

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