Eight Reasons Why the 2020 Stolen Election Now Qualifies As An EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT- Mike Adams and Dave Hodges

Storm Clouds Are Rising Over America

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Thursday, September 16, 2021 – 13:02.

Hello people living in the occupied land of Amerika! No need to pay attention to the GDP, the inflation report, the DOW and the S&P. The only report that matters now is the extinction report

I recently interviewed Mike Adams and the result of the interview was stunning. Amerika faces an uphill battle to survive. Our enemy, controlled ultimately by Satan, is determined to see as many of us (Americans, conservatives and Christians) dead as possible. 

Some of the topics that Mike and myself discussed covered the following areas. 

  • The completeness of the Chinese takeover of America. It is difficult to find a politicians, whether it be federal, state and local that are not under the control of China and their best friend, George Soros. 
  • The extent of voter fraud that has now been played out in the so-called Recall Election in California. Fair elections are a thing of the past.
  • Our compromised and divided military
  • The perversion of our children through CRT, SEL, and drag queens exposing our children to sexual practices that would make a hooker blush
  • The deliberate attempt from the Democrats to take everything we own as they try to profit on our collective demise
  • The intent to use food as a weapon
  • Promote Amerika’s total demise through deadly jabs
  • The list that has been created that identifies an estimated 300 Independent Journalists Targeted for Final Disposition

200 million Americans are projected to die according to the Deagel Report

To listen to this shocking interview, please click here (Click to Source)

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