FINAL WARNING: It Is 1938 and They Are Coming for All Conservatives

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Friday, September 10, 2021 – 14:13.

We will all have triggers which will force many of “we conservatives”, loyal Americans and conservative Christians. This warning needs to serve as the impetus to spring into a defiant mode of resistance to the criminal cabal that has illegally seized control of our government.

I Have Been Warned and Now It Is Your Turn

I have always known that I was playing with fire with regard to my advocacy work and investigative journalism in the Independent media. My warning call occurred yesterday that I have arrived at zero hour for planned genocide of my group.

When I was a teenager, I became friends with two men, through the game of basketball, and we will call them  “Richard” and “Steve”. They were both brilliant, funny, a very good basketball players and we became good friends. I remained friends with both men until I moved to Arizona in the 1980’s. They both became professionally and politically successful and I did not know the extent of their successes until I read about it on the internet in recent years. “Richard” was really the second person that fit this description. Although we had different political views from the beginning, we were good friends. People in the 70’s and 80’s used to be able to tolerate differences and remain friends. Over the course of two years,  I attempted to reach both people. My work in the media has brought several of my former friends and colleagues back into my life in recent years. Subsequently, I have reached to some in that time as well. “Steve” responded to my inquiry about how he was doing and we have sporadically communicated and we have actually socialized when I visit family in Colorado. “Richard” ignored my communication and it was personally hurtful because we had so many good memories.

Yesterday, “Richard” contacted me out of the blue. I was so excited to hear from him, I attempted to walk down memory lane and he wanted no part of it. He was calling for pnly one reason and he was attempting to warn me about what was coming to my life which threatened my safety. Over the phone, he showed me a list of “subversive, home-grown, domestic terrorists and I was on the list. Not only was I on the list, so was Steve Quayle, Paul Preston and Mike Adams. And yes, I have notified them.

I could not make out the images at the top of the page, so I do not know origin of the document, except that it was serious enough that an old friend that I have not spoken with in 36 years, felt compelled to warn me of what was coming. The document indicated that the approximate names of 300 people, mostly alt media, were to be rounded up. I asked if the document contained any final disposition information and I was told that “What do you think happens when any country creates a list of political enemies?”  I had my answer. The document warned select people to shun all contact with the people on the list. How’s your wife, I asked him.  “Richard” wanted no part of my walk down memory lane. He said “Dave, you once shared a special place in my life and helped me believe in myself. But today, we stand in different universes of reality…but I owe it to you to let you know what I know.”

He did not tell me why he was included in this communication. Although I am familiar with most of the public things he has done, I could not explain his connection to this dissemination of information. For the record, I am not afraid. I am protected and we all know what I am talking about. I have always suspected that I have been placed on a list. I want to warn millions in the reading audience, that you, too, are on a list as well. Stay tuned, your part in this will soon be revealed. 

What Is Coming Is Becoming Clear

I am writing this article to communicate with all of America, that Independent Media figures are not the only ones that need to be concerned in the upcoming weeks and months. I expect the following to occur in the following order:

  1. Massive false flags, multi-casualty events.
  2. Declaration of martial law and the outlawing of all private gun ownership.
  3. Points 1 and 2 will be used to distract from what is coming next, namely, an economic collapse.
  4. The purge will be in full force.
  5. Civil War will commence. Some American military will resist and foreign troops will be brought to bear in support of the criminal cabal running our government. And people wonder how Biden could lack such compassion as to leave thousands of Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan!

Anyone who disagrees with this criminal cabal who has illegally seized control of our beloved country are in grave danger and most of us who are conservative and voted for Trump are already in violation of the recent DHS mandates which basically said that if you believe the 2020 election was stolen (I do), if you believe we are being lied to about Covid and the vaccinations (I do) and if you disagree with this administration (I do), then you are a domestic terrorist. I am in trouble and so are Steve Quayle, Mike Adams et al., because we all have a sense of justice and we all possess big mouths as evidenced by our repeated efforts to warn America about their coming fate.

The coming American genocidal purge is so large and involves millions of victims, that it behooves anyone that could be declared to be a domestic terrorist to realize that they could be in IMMEDIATE danger.  The purge will come like a thief in the night. My favorite quote comes from my fellow dissident, Steve Quayle, “What was coming, is no longer coming, it is already here!”  

My advice to all Americans is that best form of safety is to resist. Solzhenitsyn, the famed Russian dissident once lamented that if the Russians had resisted by stabbing the KGB agents who came to take them to the gulag, with whatever they could find, they might have slowed down the Soviet purge because if these harbingers of genocide had thought they might not be able to go home to their families that night, this might have significantly slowed down the process of extraction and the dreaded sentences of confinement and death. The same is true here.

When the plans of purge are executed on our soil, by mostly foreign troops, I am encouraging my fellow “domestic” terrorists to resist being taken with all available means at an individual’s disposal. We could stalemate this administration’s plans to eliminate all opposition to their part of destroying America in carrying out their part in the Great Reset. Your immediate demise will be much more humane than if you let yourself and your family be taken to a camp of your enemy’s choice.

Foreign troops, you may ask? The direction is clear about what is coming… The FEMA camps are being operationalized as I write these words. The CDC has openly talked about confinement of any person who has underlying health conditions, that would make them more vulnerable to Covid, and the fact that the CDC documents state that any individual can be confined to a “green zone” camp against their will. This is very telling about their intentions.

It is my confirmed belief that nobody will come out of these Covid isolation camps alive. History is clear on this point. And the “criteria” to confine an individual is so vague that this definition justifies ANYONE can be taken at any time for any reason. Remember, Covid is the 24/7/365 excuse for this criminal cabal running our government to do anything to us that they want. Also, at this very time, there are 500 CHICOMS who have been training at a mock FEMA camp at Camp Grayling in Michigan. Biden has also turned over the Naval Shipyard at Norfolk, VA. to NATO. Neither Steve Quayle and myself trust “Satan’s Army.”  There is not one legitimate strategic reason to have a NATO base on American soil. It is one of the funnels that we in the Independent Media have discovered that is being used to bring foreign troops that will be used to confiscate guns after rash of planned false flag events. Then these “foreign missionaries” of Biden will come after various groups of Americans in successive waves. As a matter of record, it should be noted that this past week I published a video which showed a Camp Grayling video from 2015, which was part of Jade Helm 15, in which foreign troops were actively assaulting American troops in a war gaming scenario. Jade Helm 15 and 16 were about thwarting the resistance that will come as a result of the actions of Biden’s mercenaries. By the way, the FBI and DHS are purging as many conservatives from their ranks as quickly as possible, because they want no internal resistance to the reign of terror that is coming. I know specifically that this last statement is true. By the way, there will be resistance and with 150 million gun owners, 7 million veterans of fighting age and over 400 million guns, the occupying force must get your guns as a prerequisite to the reign of terror.


In the next article, it is time to provide an update on the present status of FEMA camps and how the Jade Helm practices and strategies are being brought to bear against most of the American people. (Click to Source)

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