Revolt in Our Military


The s***t is hitting the fan at the Pentagon and why can anyone be surprised? Ninety retired generals and admirals have called on General Mike Milley (Chief of Staff) and Dept of Defense Lloyd Austin USMC (Never Trumper) to resign over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

And trying to turn our Military “Woke” instead of a fighting force able to defend our Nation.

These are ninety veterans, decorated, experienced men and women who spent their adult lives honorably defending this nation. Keeping our civilian population safe from violent enemies while training our Military to be the most credible assurance to deter even major unfriendly powers from challenging us.

Milley and Austin betrayed their oaths – and every man and woman alive or dead, of any rank or term who served honorably to uphold their duty and Nation’s honor.

Thirteen brave American service men and women died by terrorist action because of Biden’s incompetency. These two were in position to refuse his insane orders but that would have taken courage and honor; both lacked in both.

Biden and his Leftist handlers are still working to turn our military “Woke” and not to enhance its ability to defend this nation from foreign threats. Instead it is designing a tool to suppress the Left’s political critics on the Right – all very Stalinist-like.

Honorable officers, when presented this order by any hack politician, would have “thrown their rank on the table” but Milley and Austin chose to climb the ladder for rank and prestige. Biden won’t replace them unless they bow and scrap at his orders so only the pressure of honorable officers might cause them to do the right thing.

This brings me to ask, how now will our officer corps respond to the demands from the puppet president and his Marxist overseers?

Will they throw the orders for Woke in the trash where they belong? Will Generals and Admirals be willing to refuse politically motivated Leftist orders and be loyal to their oaths to defend this Nation, not subjugate it? (Click to Source)

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