Truckers Defending Freedom: The World Needs Them More Than Politicians – Without Truckers People Will Starve And Die – Politicians Need To Listen Up Because Once The Trucks Stop, So Does the Nation

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine August 31, 2021

The backlash against mandates, masks or vaccine, is increasing exponentially all across the world. In Canada protesters are dogging Justin Trudeau’s campaign trail and in New York City, protesters are telling city leaders to “shove that mandate up your a**.”

France and Italy have been dealing with massive protests, weeks long in France.

All across America parents are fed up and attending school board meetings to make it clear they do not appreciate random strangers  making decisions that are the rights of parents in regards to their children.

In California, there will be a recall election against Governor Gavin Newsom, in part because of his tyrannical lockdown measures and COVID response. It didn’t help him at all to be caught on camera violating his own decrees, therefore offering hypocrisy as yet another reason to kick him out of the governors mansion.

In Australia leaders were warned by truckers, who keep the world running, food and basic necessities available to citizens in stores, that the forced “mandates,” specifically the vaccine mandate, would push them to shut down cities, and now they are doing just that.

According to reports, on August 31, 2021, Truckers throughout Australia parked their trucks, many times in the middle of highways, reportedly causing “chaos.”

We’ll start here because if Truckers unite and decide they will speak for those against forced mandates who are being ignored, everything stops. Food, water and medications to stores. Clothing and other retail items to department stores and other business establishments. Food for restaurants. Imported produce and other food items.

Without truckers it all stops and those unprepared, would die should the truckers stay on strike.

Right now it was a planned one day strike, which at most will cause delays and perhaps a few shortages, but just imagine if truckers across the world said ENOUGH.

The graphic below shows exactly how much damage a long-term trucker’s strike would do to a nation.

For those thinking, “well it is Australia, we don’t have to worry,” you should know that American truckers are also planning to strike.

Some reported that drivers claimed they would do it on the same day the Aussies did, which would be Tuesday, but others have claimed the planned strike won’t be for another two weeks.

In my opinion, truckers in the U.S. won’t conduct a massive planned and organized strike (although some may park for a day or a week) until America’s leaders attempt to force vaccines on unwilling citizens, which has not occurred yet, but appears to be where we are headed in short order.

Australia’s tyranny has progressed further than America’s has, but we aren’t far behind, which may be why the chatter is estimating the planned action to be in about two weeks, as the Biden regime continues to push for more restrictions, while liberal state leaders continue to  implement mandates barring the unvaccinated from restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues.

Trucking may be the only one industry capable of making a wannabe dictatorship government, federal or local, stop and consider the damage a long-term strike would do to the entire nation, and because of exports, globally as well.

Because of the chatter seen, not just on social media but by trucking websites based here in the U.S., this isn’t just some rumor, but rather a plan to organize enough truckers to make sure it is felt in Washington DC.

The majority of food stores used to carry a three day supply, but with the empty shelves being seen already, the front facing of products to hide the holes in inventory, shrinkflation, and  the increasing frequency of limited selections, we can only assume that should trucks stop and people panic shop, there will most likely be nothing left after the first full day.

Below are just a small sample of new images ANP has been receiving from readers all across the country,(we’ll be using many of the others in a subsequent piece) proving the point that without a truckers’ strike, we are already in a food crisis, so one has to consider how much worse it will get when the trucks stop moving, for whatever amount of time they decide on.

Note: Reader images like those above can be emailed to tips@allnewspipeline or

Many ANP readers are already prepared for a disaster-type scenario, holding on to stocks of food, water and other basic necessities, which would hold them for a decent amount of time in case of a short truckers’ strike, but the majority of the nation, has no idea the pain, hunger and chaos in store for them should the truckers decide to simply cease to move until the federal/state governments stop violating constitutional freedoms.

The backlash against tyranny all over the globe is apparently not going away any time soon, and Americans seem to be  on a slow burn, getting more fed up with each passing day and each new suggested or implemented mandate.


If the chatter is in any way correct, then those not prepared, have approximately a week-and-a-half to get enough to at least survive a week or two, although we would suggest longer because the long-term ramification and shortages from even a short trucker’s strike, could be devastating.


• Do not strip shelves, go to multiple stores, get what is needed, and even repeat buying some items at each of the stores, this way in preparing, we aren’t preventing others from trying to survive in those areas.

•Order online, make sure the delivery date is within a week or at most two because the food stores you have should last at least a couple days (for those just starting to prep). 

We will leave a list of links at the bottom of those article, after the videos. (Click to Source)

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