Dr. Zelenko followed the commissioners of the FDA and WOW

By M. Dowling -August 29, 2021

Dr. Zeb Zelenko followed the commissioners and it shows Pfizer and Moderna exchanges chiefs with the FDA, which recently approved the Pfizer-BioNTech for the purposes of use but not for lawsuits.

Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA Commissioner resigned and went to Pfizer to serve on the board of directors.

Stephen Hahn replaced Gottlieb as FDA Commissioner and resigned. Now he is the Chief Medical Officer for Moderna.

Janet Woodcock wrongly advised Rick Bright that HCQ is a dangerous drug requiring EUA that should be ONLY limited to hospitalized patients. Remember all of the relevant clinical data at the time showed HCQ to be extremely effective in early treatment and NOT in hospitalized patients. Several months later, Janet Woodcock replaces Stephen Hahn as the Commissioner of the FDA.

Recently Dr. Zelenko described the worst-case scenario of the mRNA vaccines as currently constituted. He said 75% of the people who took the mRNA vaccine could die in a few years because the body can become a producer of spike proteins.

He recommends taking Quercetin (500mg), zinc (30mg), and vitamins C (800mg) and d3 (125mg) as prophylaxis. We have no idea if he is accurate.

Dr. Zelenko believes COV has allowed the mechanics of global manipulation of human behavior.


Dr. Zelenko says the following is a conspiracy, not a conspiracy theory. It’s horrifying if true. [The VAERS website publicly reports cases of problems but they are not yet investigated when they go up on the site. Dr. Zelenko said doctors are having problems registering adverse effects.] We are not saying this is proven, just his belief. (Click Here)

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