Chairman of Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association Declares During Surge, Time for Ivermectin is Now

by Covid Strategies | Aug 16, 2021 

The chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association recently led an emergency press conference on August 13, declaring the urgent status of the pandemic as Japan is now in its worst surge of the COVID-19 pandemic since the onset of the crisis. Most recently, a record number of new cases were reported at 20,140 on August 14. Deaths aren’t as high as successive waves of the pandemic from February 2021 to the end of May, but nerves are frayed with record numbers of infections. Haruo Ozaki shared that 18,000 new infections are reported daily, indicating “it will be ranked high in the world”. However, he acknowledged the death count has eased as compared to previous surges.

Greenlight for Ivermectin

In Dr. Ozaki’s recent speech, he declared that ivermectin has demonstrated significant benefits in reducing infections and deaths where the regimen is prophylactically administered for another indication. The head of the Metropolitan Medical Association declared that while clinical trials were important, it was time to greenlight doctors to prescribe ivermectin in association with giving the patient informed consent.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association was established back in 1947, and since then, the association has evolved with the growth of this megacity of 14 million.

Much like what was successfully accomplished in Uttar Pradesh, India, parts of Bangladesh, and places like Argentina and Mexico, Chairman Ozaki calls for the immediate use of ivermectin as cases surge here. (Click to Source)

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