Stop being surprised at Biden’s actions – we are under attack by China via our fake President

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 – 12:08.

 by L Todd Wood

What we are seeing unfold in Afghanistan was intentional, and planned.

Biden gave away Bagram Air Base in order to prevent the U.S. military from being able to support an orderly withdrawal. He wanted the U.S. military humiliated. He wanted Americans to be trapped and held hostage in Kabul.

He got what he wanted, or should I say what Xi Jinping, the head of the Chinese Communist Party, wanted.

Stop being surprised. This is what treasonous foreign agent presidents do.

Yes, Mike Lindell is right — China hacked our election, in order to install treasonous Joe Biden into The White House.

He is not done surrendering to our enemies.

The invasion of Taiwan is coming – Biden will do nothing.

What’s after that? Who knows? Hawaii? Our electric grid? Another virus? Joe and Fauci will facilitate its introduction to kill more Americans.

It is time to stop bitching on Twitter. It is time to get involved.

We are not calling for violence. But, we are calling for massive civil disobedience. We are calling for people to stop wearing masks, stop getting the shots, stop following Beijing Joe’s orders.

He is not our president.

Get in your state legislator’s faces. They have the power to remove the CCP plant. Picket their offices. Force a full forensic audit of all 50 states.

Or get ready to live as a slave. (Click to Source)

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