Trump Demolishes Biden Over Afghan Withdrawal: ‘Greatest Embarrassment in the History of Our Country’

by Kyle Becker about 13 hours ago

Donald Trump has left no doubt that he would have handled things must differently with the Afghanistan withdrawal if he were still president. The 45th president appeared on “Hannity” on Tuesday night and demolished

“We would have hit them very hard,” Trump said, when asked what he would have done. “Again, the words are conditions, plural, conditions based. It was an agreement where, actually, we wanted to get out by May 1st, and they violated the agreement.”

“So, we didn’t, it was a great agreement from a lot of different standpoints, and frankly, Biden didn’t even have to go by that agreement,” he continued.

“Look what he’s done to the border,” Trump added. “We had the greatest border, southern border in the history of our country. We stopped drugs, we stopped human trafficking, we stopped people from coming in, prisoners from coming in. Now, you’ll have the worst people in the world — they’re emptying their jails into our country.”

“This is like the southern border, but it’s handled even worse,” he went on. “Nobody handled the southern border worse than him. We had the most secure border we’ve ever had, now we have by far the worst border we’ve ever had.”

“Afghanistan is the exact same thing,” Trump added. “Think of this, we have a military that’s holding it. I had it reduced down to 2,500 soldiers and they were doing a good job. It was fine. It was a smaller force. I took it down from close to twenty (thousand) to 2,500. And we were fine.”

“But we have the military there, and we take the military out before we took our civilians out,” Trump pointed out. “And before we took the interpreters and others — we want to try to help them.”

“By the way, I’m America First,” Trump said. “Okay? The Americans come out first. But we’re also going to help people that helped us. And we have to be very careful with the vetting, because you’ve got some rough people in there. But, we’re going to help those people.”

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“But, can you imagine?” Trump said. “Now, what we were going to do, very quickly, is we were going to take the military out last. Okay? Last. The people were coming out, they were going to come out, but the agreement was violated, so I held things back, because we weren’t going to do anything. Again, conditions based.”

“So, they weren’t fulfilling their obligations and conditions,” Trump added.

“Just to finish,” he went on. “The people come out first, then I was going to take all of the military equipment. Billions and billions of dollars worth of Black Hawk helicopters, brand new, that Russia now will be examining anjd so will China and so will everybody else, because it’s the greatest in the world.”

“We have brand new Army tanks, and all sorts of equipment, missiles, we have everything,” he continued. “I was going to take it out. Because I knew they weren’t going to fight.”

Donald Trump then remarked on why he believed the Afghan army didn’t put up a better fight.

“They were doing it for a paycheck, because once we stopped, once we left, they stopped fighting,” Trump said.

“It’s a great thing that we’re getting out,” he concluded. “But nobody has ever handled a withdrawal worse than Joe Biden. This is the greatest embarrassment, I believe, in the history of our country.”

That is what an American leader sounds like. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is still nowhere to be found. (Click to Source)

Syndicated with licensed permission from Becker News. Follow Kyle Becker and Becker News on Twitter.

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