MSM is lying: Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium did reveal Election Fraud

Written By Mark Schwendau | Aug 14, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Once again the mockingbird media is marching in lockstep to a hidden agenda. Whether it is for the socialists, New World Order, or the communists, we do not know. What we do know is they are liars engaging in misinformation. We also remember Mike Lindell’s five million dollar cash prize he offered to anybody (cyber expert)?  Not one person could provide Biden won, or that fraud had not been committed.   still in his bank account.

Writing as somebody with a background in computer technology, the average person would not know what a cyber data packet is or what it looks like when opened up scrolling on the screen. Does Lindell have 37 terabytes of Internet data from the night of the election? He probably does. One of the things that keep America healthy and whole is the whistleblower. At some point in time in January, a whistleblower is said to have delivered Internet pictures in time of what was going on with the Internet the night of November 3rd and the morning of November 4th.

Sound farfetched? Well, isn’t that what the NSA or CIA, or FBI should be doing as part of their jobs? Aren’t they paid to protect our nation at times such as our National Election? As taxpayers funding all of these guys and gals we would certainly hope that is what they are doing, right?

Lindell did have a bunch of computer bits and bytes scrolling on the big screens of the symposium at different times which is what would be in a cyber data packet.

Was it evidence of Chinese collusion? Who knows? In the first place, it was scrolling too fast to analyze and in the second place, most Americans are not qualified cybersecurity experts to even know what they are seeing.

But, for all those mercilessly attacking Lindell for what he did not clearly show, he did show four important things that are evidence of election fraud.

First, he offered video of Republican poll watchers being booted from vote counting centers and then election workers producing ballots from hidden places after they had told the Republican poll watchers they were done for the day. This is fraudand those operations should have been stopped and all results should be null and void. Furthermore, anyone connected with the crime should be before a grand jury

Second, he had world-famous mathematicians use statistics and probability to show how Joe Biden did not win the election by way of a combination of two factors. Constant percentages are held from county to county within a state and the same percentages being held within each state. This means a computer algorithm fixed the election in the early morning of November 4th. It also explains why counting had to stop. This to allow the setting of a new algorithm as Donald Trump was blowing their anticipated demographics of the vote out of the water!

Dr. Douglas G. Frank (one of those famous brains we talked about previously said) the best way to explain this deep technical stuff to your friends so they can understand it is to offer this scenario.

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Dr. Frank: An analogy of election fraud that even Don Lemon could understand

Dr. Frank said the best way to explain this election fraud to your friends is to ask them to imagine you are in the State of Ohio and 10% of a county in the state shows the people have blonde hair. Then you go to the next county and 10% of the population of that county also has blonde hair. You find out 10% of every county in the state has blonde hair.

Then you go to Pennsylvania and you find out the first county you look at has 13% blondes. You go to a second county in Pennsylvania and that one calculates out the same, 13%. In fact, every county in Pennsylvania has 13% blondes.

Vote calculators were able to easily be connected to the Internet

Third, it was proven during the symposium that voting calculation machines were capable of being connected to the Internet for outside people to access and this was done two ways.

An analysis of voting machines showed they had Wi-Fi capabilities or modems that allowed access, and changing of the voter tabulation machines. Lindell had an experiment set up in the symposium of a mock voting system valued at about $20,000 using parallel technology of systems throughout the nation. One cyber expert hacked the system and shut it down in less than 5 minutes after the challenge was issued simply using his cell phone from less than 200 feet away.

The important takeaway here was vendors of voting machines constantly said their voting machines were not connected to the Internet or they could not be connected to the Internet.  This is a lie. They were not only not supposed to be connections to the internet they should not even have the capabilities to be slightly different.

Fourth, election data is to be preserved by Federal law for 22 months. One part of that election data is the individual voting machines log files which are required to conduct a forensic audit of the election by county and state. A raid was conducted on Mesa County (Colorado) Clerk Tina Peters’s office while she was in flight to Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. The raid was ordered up and seemingly planned by Secretary of State Jena Griswold after Peters departure for the symposium. Griswold is a Democrat elected shill of George Soros much the same as the one in Arizona.

Because Griswold and her thugs were in Peters office without any of her people present. That election data has now, also, been compromised. Again, this is a violation of Federal law and Peters proved it as her computers were altered in her office and she had the screen imagery to prove it. The log files were missing after Griswold’s ordered raid!

The Colorado-based ‘U.S. Election Integrity Plan’ released a statement saying Griswold, not Peters, was behind the public release of passwords into Dominion voting machines. The passwords released out in public were the center of this scandal.

“Griswold has already proven her untrustworthiness as a public elections official with her illegal emergency rules declaration heard last week in a public hearing. Given Griswold’s tainted track record in office, her overreach in Mesa County raises serious ethical and legal questions,” the USEIP – Colorado statement read.

Finally, you would have to be a perfect idiot to not see how all of these many events that occurred just before and during Lindell’s Cyber Symposium are not connected and constitutes harassment and an attempt to silence, We the people…

1. Dominion filed lawsuits against One America News and Newsmax for defamation just as the symposium began. The suits are over election claims advanced by the networks that the voting machines were manipulated to flip votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.
2. U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols ruled that there was no blanket protection on political speech and denied an argument from the defendants that the federal court in Washington wasn’t the proper venue for the case where Dominion was suing a number of people and entities for defamation. Lindell pointed out that the judge had had this case sitting before him for months before he decided to rule on it during the time of the Cyber Symposium!
3. Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold decided a good time to raid Mesa County Clerk Tina Peter’s office was while she was gone to Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. The only thing she did wrong was kick out Peter’s staff so there was nobody to witness what was going on and thus compromised all of the Mesa County election data of November of 2020. This move was unethical at the least and illegal at the most. Computer drive images were taken before and after the event which proves Peter’s computers were compromised and these were examined at the symposium. Log files turned up missing after the Griswold raid and she needs to be held accountable!
4. During the symposium, Lindell was allegedly assaulted at his hotel, a poison pill was found in the computing system of the event and 3 of Lindell’s 4 video streaming computer platforms were taken down by hackers. You have to ask yourself, ‘If Lindell is just some conspiracy theory nut job, why not just let him go on and make a fool of himself rather than try to shut him down and shut him up?’
5. Also during the symposium, Lindell reported, China has hacked dozens of Israeli public and private sector groups in a massive cyber-attack as well groups in Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries. They did this to a variety of Middle Eastern countries often at odds with each other but all doing business with China.

Cyber Symposium Conclusion:

Most of us are not smart enough to know everything brought to light at the Cyber Symposium Lindell. However, most of us do understand 3 basic concepts:

  • One, where there is smoke, there is fire. Enough good questions have been asked about the 2020 election. But they have gone unanswered. Therefore, the election cannot be said to be legitimate.
  • Two, the news media seems to be more intent on character assassination of those aligned with the conservative right than doing their jobs… like reporting on the first four points above even if you are going to refuse to report on the contents of the Cyber Symposium! The only point the media did their jobs on above was number 5 and Lindell beat most of them reporting that story.
  • Three, any ballot cast in the last election that lacks a chain-of-custody can be assumed to be a fraudulent ballot that must be withdrawn. That is not just common sense, that is the law!
  • Four, why do we have government agencies like the NSA, CIA, FBI and DOJ if they are not going to do their jobs? An attack on our elections (whether internal or with the help of China) is an act of treason and or war!

In November of  2020, Mike Lindell begged for anybody with tangible personal knowledge of election fraud to come forward. Now, anybody with a soul and love for this country needs to come forward. Logically, somebody, somewhere, knows something. Either the NSA or Military intelligence had to be watching the election of last November. That is their jobs. Somebody, somewhere, has to know something.

The more the mainstream media mocks and belittles people like Mike Lindell, the less credibility they all have as sources for reliable news.

Stew Peters has been sounding the same alarm here…

Arizona State Senator and Air Force Pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Wendy Rogers, joined Stew Peters for the interview the ‘media’ does NOT want you to see! Senator Rogers also spoke before Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. (Click to Source)

‘Wendy Rogers UNPLUGGED! – AZ Audit “ARREST THEM ALL” – What the ‘Media’ WON’T Tell You!’In November

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