If nothing else, watch this stunning video from the Cyber Symposium

By M. Dowling -August 14, 2021

The My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell is a hero. He has invested time and money at great personal risk into attempting to expose serious problems in our elections although he did not seem to have the Smoking Gun at the Cyber Symposium. However, even if you have no use for Mr. Lindell or the Symposium, you will likely find the video of Dr. Shiva stunning and maybe impossible to refute.


One of the speakers, MIT Ph.D. Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, who was banned from Twitter, presented a strong case, perhaps the most significant clip of the symposium.

A State Department official had called Twitter to silence Dr. Shiva when he was running for the Senate. That is a 1st Amendment violation. He couldn’t get a lawyer to take on the swamp so he did it.

It started when Twitter deleted him after he found one of their Democrat officials violating federal election law. His campaign was to oppose election fraud. The fact-checkers at Lead Stories did a hit job on him. They are truly awful. The Sentinel was hounded by them on Facebook, because the Capitalism page had just under a million ‘likes’ and a million ‘followers’.

Dr. Shiva was told that the government has a “trusted Twitter partnership” and a “partner support portal.” Not only did the government contact Twitter, but fifty did.

Twitter is a state actor.

Dr. Shiva sued the government, not Twitter, but they are one. Twitter was brought in by the government along with seven lawyers from the state and Twitter.

Dr. Shiva researched to support his case and wanted to know about this Twitter trusted partnership. He got lucky and found on a server the ‘The Elections Influence Election Operation Playbook,’ published at the Harvard Belfer Center.

He found four documents called ‘playbooks.’

So, what is this playbook? “It defines the theoretical framework of censorship in the United States,” Dr. Shiva says.

“It says an influence operator is anyone who has influence to change the narrative,” he explains. State election directors are in the authors’ credits. Also in the credits is Twitter Legal who defines who is an enemy of the state in the USA.

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Part Two explains how you detect an influence operator.

It tells you how to assess them and track them forever if they are a high-level security threat. It describes how to counter them and we are talking United States citizens.

Dr. Shiva was considered a ‘high-level risk’ because he has credibility and high volume. If you are high-level security, you are put on a watch list for the rest of your life.

He presented the information to the judge who was concerned.

In between hearings, he found ‘The Long Fuse Report’ written by Stanford guys who reported on how great the playbook worked. The report indicates they are displeased by the fact that the elections in the USA are decentralized. It makes it too difficult for them to censor so-called misinformation and disinformation.

In essence, this says they need to form a non-government entity to centralize elections to censor and manipulate the 1st Amendment. They did.

Elections should be decentralized? Dr. Shiva believes it’s clear they don’t like our 1st Amendment.

High on their “repeat spreaders’ [reject] list were Dr. Shiva, Donald Trump, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Newsmax, CD Media, OAN, GOP WarRoom, NewsNow from Fox, Steven Crowder, BlazeTV, Judicial Watch, MR. OBVIOUS, and James O’Keefe.

They had a whole section on Dr. Shiva.

He also exposed the fact, which the readers here all know by now, there is a uniparty. Both Democrats and Republicans are part of the network forming to control speech.

None of these people were elected by anyone. They created the infrastructure — ISAC — funded by a billionaire Pierre Omidyar to control our speech and our elections. This is also supported by the MURDOCHS [Fox News]. If you have a problem in the government with some Twitter or other social media user, this group will help censor.

We’ve lost our freedom. This is the domestic censorship machine that can be used against every American.


Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium – Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai “Government With Big Tech Destroys Free Speech”

Our elections are run by a lot of inept, lazy people and third-party vendors with voting machines vendors control. We also have some very corrupt politicians in both parties who want to take our rights away.

That said, does anyone really understand how 81-83 million people voted for Joe Biden?

Go to Dr. Shiva’s website, TRUTH, FREEDOM, HEALTH.COM, to learn how these systems work.

The politicians won’t save us. We have to save ourselves. (Click to Source)

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