Breaking Development: Arizona Audit Preliminary Report To Be Delivered NEXT WEEK

By Jordan Conradson Published August 15, 2021 at 12:43pm

The full forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election is now producing a preliminary audit report.

The image above was posted to Instagram by @WeThePeopleAZ.

The preliminary report should be released during the week of August 22nd.

It will likely show all of the data and discrepancies that they have compiled to date.

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The Arizona Senate and Attorney General Mark Brnovich expect a response from Maricopa County regarding an open investigation into their violation of legal and enforceable subpoenas. (Click Here)

Once subpoenas are enforced, the auditors can move forward with a full forensic analysis of routers, Splunk logs, voting systems, signature verification, voter records, and other security concerns.

In this preliminary report, we can expect to learn more about the discrepancies they are finding in ballot totals, which could be HUGE. 

We can also expect to receive updates on the other discrepancies outlined during the Arizona Senate hearing on July 15. (Click Here)

The ballots were counted three different times. First, a hand recount where three counters tallied votes for President and U.S. Senate, with volunteer oversight and 24/7 live stream coverage. Secondly, the paper analysis phase took a 5K image of every single ballot and assigned each ballot its own individual number. Lastly, a paper counting machine was used to count every single ballot and guarantee they did not miss anything.

The most impressive part of this full forensic ballot analysis was the paper analysis phase, which used advanced technology to scan and image the ballots.

This high-resolution imaging will show us whether ballots are real or fake through paper fibers and creases in mail-in ballots. (Click Here)

Next week will be HUGE. (Click to Source)

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