The Globalists Have Rehearsed, for Years, Using Your Children As Bait to Lure You to Your Final Disposition

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Friday, August 13, 2021 – 14:43.

I have uncovered government documents that clearly demonstrate the government’s planned complicity to create concentration camps in order to send elderly and people with health issues to these concentration camps for final distribution. The CSS fully plans to distribute the uncontestable proof that the worst days of Nazi Germany are upon us. The planned assault upon Americans will begin with our children and the globalists have been rehearsing for almost a decade for the time period we have now entered. 

FEMA/DHS Rehearses Using Your Children As Bait

FEMA grants itself the authority to abduct, without parent permission, your children. Nearly ten years ago, on September 23, 2011, the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA conducted a disaster drill in Denver, Colorado that they called Operation Mountain Guardian. I fully realize that the following described event is almost 10 years old. However, Fauci’s provable treason with the CHICOMS for the eventual release of an election-altering, Constitutional-destroying CHICOM bioweapon upon the United States. The origin of this CHICOM covid weapon can be traced back to Fauci’s “gain-of-function research, performed in Wuhan and recently exposed by Senator Rand Paul. Fauci’s betrayal of not only America, but to the global population in which 6 million (how ironic) died. Fauci has earned the title “the modern-day Dr. Mengele.” More to the point, the plot to undo America, through a bioweapon called covid, can trace its origins as far back as 9-10 years ago. In an upcoming article, I fully plan to expose the shocking details of this continued bioweapon attack upon America as led by Fauci. However, waiting in the wings, is the CDC plot to destroy all private property and to use private residences as mini-concentration camps while evicting the original owners. There will be mass and forced relocations and the CSS has all the CDC documents on this topic. Before exposing these documents, the public will need to be exposed to some contextual historical events in order to appreciate the deadliness and historical background to the planned genocide that awaits tens of millions of Americans. 

Before you rub your eyes in disbelief, let me remind you that CDC Director Walensky just assumed unconstitutional authority to seize control over all rental properties in the US. Please, America, wipe away your cognitive dissonance and prepare to accept the cold and hard truth about what is ready to be unleashed upon America.

Before exposing America’s “Final Solution”, it is important to discuss an event which will clearly demonstrate how America’s children will be used to get the process rolling as this pre-emptive move was rehearsed in Operation Mountain Guardian in 2011.

FEMA and the DHS Plot Against Denver’s Children

The plan was all-inclusive and basically shut down the Denver metropolitan area including Denver international Airport, many malls, many schools and several other public venues including Sports Authority Field where the Denver Broncos played professional football at the time. Why didn’t this event put people in the streets by the tens of thousands? The answer is cognitive dissonance, although dozens of parents did physically confront federal LEO’s at Sports Authority Field.

As a part of the drill, several busloads of school children were taken to Sports Authority Field along with their teachers. Surrogate-crisis-actor parents were hired by FEMA to attempt to pick up their children at the stadium so the inevitable crisis could be rehearsed. Further, the drill called for parents, who were on some mythical dissenter list to be detained when they attempted to rescue their make-believe child from the federal officials. Clearly, the REAL purpose of this drill was to imitate the beginning of the captivity of political antagonistic parents to the government through the luring in of the parents to Sports Authority Field.

The training was apparently a desensitization exercise for security personnel designed to refuse demands to pick up their children from these “pretend” parents. The real parents of these children were not properly notified that their children would be transported to the stadium and would be a part of this disaster drill. As a parent, I would have a major problem with the non-notification of the relocation of children. I find this ironic, because before a school child is allowed to go on a field trip, their parents and teachers are required to fill out a multiple list of permission forms that must be signed by parent or guardian of the child. I have no quarrel with moving children in an emergency situation to a location of safety. However, I have a major issue when government officials refused to release children to their parents because the authority over a child belongs to the parent, not to a government agency.

As Aaron Dykes, formerly of Infowars, who was on scene to cover the event discovered, the crisis actors admitted to being bait in the drill to lure in crisis actor parents who would be promptly be arrested as if they were on some mythical list. Dykes made an outstanding video about these details, however, the video no longer exists.

Meanwhile, when parents showed to take their child to a dentist appointment, they were told by school officials that their child was taken by the government to Sports Authority Field as part of some previously unannounced drill. Subsequently,  the irate parents began showing up at Sports Authority Field and the crisis actors were no longer needed as some parents attempted to go to the venue and secure their children.  When they did so, at least initially, the children were not released to the parents. A riot broke out and multiple police had to be called to the scene. At this point, we have to ask the question as to who is the sovereign, the government or the people? In order to take your child out of school, parents must show ID and adhere to certain protocols. However, FEMA and DHS do not have to play by the same rules. The government is telling you that the state owns your kids as you have restrictions placed upon your kids that the state does not have to adhere to when it comes their own lives.

It should also be noted that when the modern-day covid concentration camps are fully operationalized and begin to accept “guests” America will likely see that key government officials will be swept away to safety in the face of this event, which will be a national event. During Operational Mountain Guardian, there was an unannounced shutdown of public transportation. In fact, Denver International Airport was closed for 3 days as Obama and many “dignitaries were flown into DIA and disappeared underground which the airport was shut down at the same time.

Union Station, pictured above, is Denver’s main passenger train hub located a few miles from then Sports Authority Field.

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Look at the following picture I took as I was traveling through DIA in 2015.

This ominous mural depiction shows communist troops American soil. The depicted weapon is a Soviet-made AK 47. This mural was on the wall as departing passengers would walk through an adjacent hallway on the way to baggage pick-up. These mural depictions no longer exist. However, this falls into line with what the globalists love to do, which is to put their stamp on a planned future event. What’s that future event?  Look at the picture carefully. Look as the hordes of suffering people being forcibly marched to some unknown location by the foreign soldier.

Please also note the photos of Obama Denver’s Union Station. Please note the same soldier in this depiction. He is wearing a gas mask. To those that are familiar and sensitized to the ultimate globalist intent, it is clear that these people are being marched to their final disposition. The gas mask speaks to the fact that there is an ongoing bioweapons attack. How ironic with what we know has happened to this country since January of 2020. Remember, CHICOM Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, stated that no Americans would be left alive prior to their occupation of the United States. The American genocide, according to Wei Fenghe would be accomplished the use of race-specific-bioweapons. Remember, Rep. Greene was taken down from Twitter for talking about her intelligence briefing about these very weapons. The takedown occurred one month ago.

There is one more ominous photo that needs to be exposed. The following photo shows a plaque, of sorts, that was originally placed next to baggage pick-up.

Please note the encryption “New World Airport Commission”.  Also, below is a list of contributors including Martin Marietta. This is the company that my father worked for in his post-Navy career. This is where he worked with captured German scientists as he attempted to reverse engineer, the Nazis knowledge of advanced theoretical physics that could be applied to space travel. Today, Martin Marietta is known as Martin-Lockheed which is a cornerstone of the military industrial complex. Did anyone else note the Masons symbology as well. So much for the fact there are not conspiracy theories.

I should note that there are ongoing rehearsals in government schools to take your children to their final destinations from their schools. Additionally, I previously exposed the DHS plot to turn some schools into makeshift FEMA camps from which the children will not be removed. which will be covered in the next article in this series. In the next article, I will briefly expose these developments which expectedly followed Operation Mountain Guardian. Following these revelations, the plans and the operational details for the modern day covid (FEMA) camps will be exposed for all to see.

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