Watch Dr Josh Guetzkow discuss COVID-19 vaccine adverse events

This lecture was given by Hebrew University of Jerusalem Institute of Criminology Department of Sociology & Anthropology senior lecturer Dr. Josh Guetzkow on June 30th, 2021, for NPO Vaccines – Educated Choice.

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Among topics Dr. Guetzkow covers:

1. Per the data at hand, there is absolutely a problem with the “vaccine’s” safety.

2. There is a serious problem of blood clots among those who took the vaccine.

3. There are already 1,700,000 reports of adverse events, and it’s very likely there is underreporting.

4. Since they started to inject the COVID-19 shots, 50% of all deaths reported to the VAERS system, in the past 30 years, is from the COVID-19 shots! (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J).

Dr. Guetzkow’s presentation is available here. (Click to Source)

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