JUST IN: Elections Expert Finds 8.1 Million EXCESS Votes in 2020 Presidential Election

by daniel 12 hours ago

August is heating up with a steady drip-drip-drip of reliable information!

The latest scoop comes from U.S. Army Captain Seth Keshel.

Aside from being a retired army intelligence captain, Keshel is also an elections data expert.

After months of investigating the final vote counts in ALL 50 states, Keshel has determined that there are 8.1 million EXCESS votes.

But that’s not all.

Keshel isn’t simply saying that there were only 8.1 million fraudulent votes.

There could be more.

Keshel says that there are 8.1 million more votes than there should be.

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That number does NOT include any vote flipping, stealing, or suppression of Trump votes.

If this is true…

Then it means that President Trump truly won in a landslide!

You can watch Keshel’s appearance on Bannon’s War Room through Rumble:

Keshel’s appearance has quickly garnered everyone’s attention.

More and more people are talking about his data on social media.

This is important!

The mainstream media will try to suppress the facts, but they cannot stop a true grassroots movement! (Click Here)

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Keshel also published his numbers on his Telegram.

Can anyone who doubts him prove his numbers wrong?!

If he’s lying, then it should be easy to debunk him! (Click to Source)

You can find more from Keshel on his Telegram:

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