Arizona Senator Sonny Borrelli Sends Investigation Demand To AZ AG After Election Board Refusal To Answer Subpoenas

by CD Media Staff August 3, 2021

CORRECTION 8/3 1730 EST: The action taken by Borrelli is not a criminal referral, but an action under Arizona state law demanding an investigation.

Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli today referred the Maricopa County Board of Election Supervisors to the Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich for criminal investigation.

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This action was taken after the Board refused to answer subpoenas again which demanded access to routers and other devices.

The response from the Board to the AZ Senate was irresponsible and mocking.

The form filed is actually based on a new Arizona law that could see Maricopa County lose state funding if results are not provided per the legislation.

Arizona SB 1487, introduced by Congressman Andy Biggs during his time as an Arizona State Senator, gives any member of the legislature the power to enact an investigation by the Attorney General’s office into law violations by a county, city, or town, wrote The Gateway Pundit.

When a law has been violated, The Attorney General shall provide notice that the county, city, or town has 30 days to resolve the violation. If they fail to resolve the violation within 30 days, the treasurer shall withhold state shared revenue from the county, city, or town. Shared funds will not be returned to the county, city, or town until the violation is resolved. (Click to Source)

You can read the criminal referral below:

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