Beware A Massive False Flag To Usher In ‘The Great Reset’ As Huge Chunks Of The Democrats Voting Base Are Rejecting ‘The Vax’: The Globalists ‘Extermination Window’ Is Being Accelerated

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die August 1, 2021 

While the mainstream media and Democrats continue to attempt to paint Conservatives who refuse to take their experimental mRNA injection as being ‘extremists’ who are ‘putting the entire country in danger, according to the CDC’s own statisticsonly 27% of black Americans had been ‘vaxxed’, meaning roughly 73% of black Americans are avoiding ‘the vax’, while only 39% of what the DM story calls ‘rural dwellers’ have taken that shot. 

With those stats alone meaning any Democrat attempt to mandate the vax nationally would be an attack upon a huge part of their own voting base, it also proves that black Americans and those who the msm/dem/globalists love to call ‘white supremacists,’ or ‘nazis,’ aren’t so different after-all. 

Just another story that blows away the entire ‘vaxxes are the answer to Covid and Republicans are messing up the plan’ narrative that Joe Biden, Democrats, the CDC and the mainstream media are pushing, we also have gotten a bunch more evidence over the past few days that more ‘restrictions upon freedom’ and lockdowns are ahead. With the ‘unvaxxed’ already being blamed for any such forthcoming lockdowns by the ‘vaxxed‘, it’s looking more and more like attempts are being made to ‘dehumanize’ a huge part of the US population, especially those who do such horrifying things as ‘thinking for themselves’

So with the large majority of both black Americans and ‘rural dwellers’ agreeing hugely on avoiding a ‘big pharma injection’ created far too hastily, all we need to do is take a look back at the past to see one of the reasons why; traditionally, it has taken years and sometimes decades to create a ‘successful’ vaccine. 

And with those CDC stats proving huge chunks of the Democrats own voting base are rejecting the vax being one of the reasons why the CDC’s director backtracked so quickly on a national vax mandate, as we’ll explore within the next section of this story below, unions all across the country are also rejecting any such mandates in huge numbers. And unions, remember, are also a huge part of the Democrats traditional voting base. 

So before we continue, we have to listen to a very brief video going viral created by one black man, a former US Marine, who tells us what he’ll do if anyone tries to force an unwanted and unsafe vax into his body. My guess is that tens of millions of Americans all across the country probably feel the same way.  (Click Here)

As this new story over at the Daily Mail reports, while Nancy Pelosi and the White House are blaming Republicans for fueling the current spread of COVID, fewer than half of ‘young people’ and roughly only 36% of black Americans had had shots. (We note that percentage number is different from what they reported days ago, showing once again, the real stats are being censored.)  

With likely millions of ‘natural health’ liberals also joining black Americans and younger Americans in their refusal to get Covid shots, along with 10’s of millions of ‘rural dwellers’, let’s take a brief look at that Daily Mail story before we continue.: 

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden’s digs at Republicans for refusing to get vaccinated have been cast into doubt after figures showed key Democrat demographics are among the main groups who aren’t being jabbed. 

Figures from both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) show key Democrat voting blocks – including blacks, Hispanics and people of all races between ages 18 and 24 – are also hesitant to have the shot. 

Earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi attempted to blame Republican leaders for failing to encourage their constituents to get vaccinated, but failed to mention why her own party hadn’t been pushing millions of reluctant Democrat voters to also get the shots. 

But data from sources including the government’s own Centers for Disease Control shows that young people, as well as black and Hispanic Americans, are among the largest groups who are hesitant to have a COVID vaccine. 

The CDC reports that young Americans between 18-24 are among the most hesitant groups. They account for 9.2 percent of the U.S. population, but only 8 percent of the vaccinated population. A separate survey found that 25 percent of unvaccinated people in that age group have no intention of ever receiving the shots. 

According to the KFF, ‘less than half of black and Hispanic people have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose in nearly all states reporting data, including a number of states where less than a third have received a vaccine.’ 

A separate KFF poll found that one in three black Americans and one in four Hispanic Americans would still refuse the COVID-19 vaccine even if all scientists determined it to be safe. 

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And as this story over at Twitchy saved at points out, unions are also rejecting ‘vax mandates’ in huge numbers, hinting of what’s ahead for Democrats if they try to force Americans to inject something that hasn’t yet even been approved by the FDA into their bodies. From that story.: 

Bill Kristol is pretty psyched for Democrats to run as pro-vaccine in 2022 and “hang the anti-vaxx movement around the neck of every Republican running for office in 2022”:

This is problematic for two reasons. 

1. Former President Trump is likely going to bring up at EVERY rally in 2022 how it was his administration that developed the vaccine and candidates will embrace it: 

2. This leaves out all the Dem-voting union members who are refusing to get the jab. For example, Disney is mandating vaccines for all their employees EXCEPT for the union members. 

And for months Dems have accused Tucker Carlson or Fox News of spreading vaccine hesitancy but this leaves out all the people talking to first responders and medical workers they know and then deciding not to get it yet. 

Anti-vax was never red vs. blue, and now they’re having to face it.

As that story pointed out, the different Unions that are rejecting mandatory mRNA vaxxes include: the national firefighters union, the postal service workers union, the largest public SF school union and the SEIU in Los Angeles, which all came out against mandatory vaccinations. And those Unions aren’t the only ones! And back in 2020, all of them had endorsed Joe Biden. See where this is headed! 

So with any mandate of ‘the vax’ likely to blow up in the Democrats faces as mandates would go against the Unions; go against the wishes of way over 50% of Black Americans as well as angering their younger voters who are avoiding the vax as if it is the plague itself, we should all be prepared for some kind of gargantuan ‘health false flag’ in the days and weeks ahead as the globalists grow increasingly desperate to get the masses ‘injected’ while even many of the Democrats masses are saying ‘no thanks’

And with what’s now happening now in Australia where in Sydney, the military has been publicly deployed to help enforce the lockdowns, how long before such ‘incrementalism’ is used in the transformation of all formerly free Western nations into full-fledged police states? Everything happening in Australia and elsewhere across the planet in 2021 are more warnings to Americans to be prepared for absolutely anything once again, especially with more rumored lockdowns ahead. 

Because with Congress now out of Washington DC for a 6-week-recess while coming in just days on August 11th, they’ll be running an Emergency Broadcast System “Test” where FEMA and the FCC send ‘test messages‘ to TVs, radios and text messages to select cell phones nationwide, as ANP reader Falcon 101 pointed out in a comment on this ANP story“I’m guessing they may use DC as their location for their final False Flag before they push Martial Law across the land.”

“These people are crazy and clearly willing to kill everybody that tries to slow down their NWO plan as all dissenters are now at the top of their list. Be aware over the next couple weeks as the feeling of something “Big” coming is not unfounded.” 

Because we’ve seen time and again how such ‘drills’ and ‘tests’ so often correspond with huge false flags. 

And as Zero Hedge reported in this new story that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website on Saturday night, with at least 12 million American households now facing eviction in the coming days/weeks as the ‘eviction moratorium’ ends, what happens if Democrats lock down the country once again, surely pushing future ‘shortages’ into the stratosphere? 

With all of this designed to transform America into a socialist/authoritarian nation and to bring on the globalists ‘great reset’ and ‘new world order’, as Alan Barton had warned in this July 31st ANP story, we were warned long ago what was coming, we’re simply now witnessing it all unfolding before our eyes. Both of the videos below discuss the situation that America is now facing as the globalists rush in their end game upon a still-awakening and rapidly angering American and world population. (Click to Source)

See at the NOQ Report“Need a Vaccine Exemption? Here Are Pre-Formatted Letters You Can Use”

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