Videos: CNN Claims Fox News, Republicans “Killing People” With Anti-Vax “Bullshit”

Claims that conservative media and GOP wants more deaths to make Biden look bad

Published 15 hours ago on 15 July, 2021 Steve Watson

Fake news channel CNN has claimed that its competition is literally killing people by broadcasting dangerous ‘anti-vax bullshit’ and that both Fox News and Republicans are purposefully trying to increase COVID death statistics in order to make the Biden administration look bad.

CNN’s New Day co-hosts John Berman and Brianna Keilar, along with CNN “media analyst” Bill Carter, specifically pointed to Tucker Carlson.

Keilar proclaimed that “when history asks how so many Americans died when they could have been saved by a simple shot or two, you’ll see these TV clips again that we’ve just shown, in documentaries, about the cautionary tale that has been America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, about how a large part of our country, misled by misinformation often echoed by elected officials and right-wing media, was thrown a life raft, and instead said, ‘No, I’ll take my chances.’”

When Keilar asked Carter “why do you think Fox hosts are doing this?” he responded that positively promoting indiscriminate vaccinations “might help Joe Biden … And you can’t have that.”

He even suggested that if Trump was still in office, Fox News would have taken the complete opposite stance and instead would have been pushing vaccines en mass.

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In a separate broadcast, CNN host Erin Burnett claimed that the number of Americans getting vaccinated has “plunged” directly because of Republicans like Rand Paul criticising the relentless fear-mongering to indiscriminately push vaccines, while completely disregarding natural immunity as anti-scientific.

Burnett claimed that it is the likes of Senator Paul and other Republicans engaging in spreading fear, declaring that “It’s not just skepticism and fear-mongering from lawmakers, of course. Right-wing media reaches millions of Americans.”

The CNN host then played clips of Fox hosts Carlson and Laura Ingraham complaining of that “there’s nothing more anti-democratic anti-freedom than pushing an experimental drug on Americans against their will.”

“It’s stunning,” Burnett proclaimed, adding “All of those people are smart enough to know that what they’re saying is complete bullshit, and that’s the problem. They should be ashamed. But those lies are having an impact.”


Of course, when Trump oversaw the roll out of the vaccine, CNN claimed that it was being “rushed out,” and that was totally different.

In addition, when CNN relentlessly dismissed hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for COVID, just because Trump was in favour of it, that was also totally different.

You see, CNN just cares about the well being of Americans and broadcasting accurate information, not about improving its abysmal ratings slide and trying to get eyes on its output by directly attacking its corporate competition.

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