Medical Privacy

Covid vaccine squad confronted after entering private apartment complex.

by Adan Salazar July 14th 2021, 12:17 pm

Video out of Los Angeles caught the moment a woman turned away a Covid-19 vaccination team that came knocking on her door.

Media commentator Alexandra Datig witnessed the enforcers going door-to-door inside her condo building. (Click Here)

After hearing a knock, Datig filmed as she opened her front door and saw two Hispanic women carrying clipboards.

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Datig proceeded to ask why they knocked when a “Do not disturb” note was clearly posted on her door.

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One woman responded in broken English they were “looking support for…make the appointment for the vaccine.”

Datig did not receive answers when she asked the women who they were with and how they accessed her building.

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Datig proceeded to inform the two vaccine enforcers what they were doing violates medical privacy.

“I’m letting you know, you don’t have a right to be in this building asking people. It’s a violation of people’s HIPAA rights,” Datig tells them. “You don’t have a right to be here. You get out of this building now. You are violating people’s privacy rights. Get out now.”

The footage is more evidence that Biden’s vaccine outreach effort announced last week is well underway.

On Tuesday, Infowars reported on Covid vaccine squads going door to door in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

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The latest confrontation does not bode well for future vaccine outreach interactions. (Click to Source)

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