Biden’s Door to Door Vaccine Sales Pitch Leaked: Tells ‘Ambassadors’ to Ignore ‘No Solicitation’ Signs and to Withhold Vaccine Side Effects

By Julian Conradson Published July 13, 2021 at 8:30pm

After failing to hit their goal of vaccinating 70% of Americans by July 4th, the Biden regime is recruiting left-wing activists to go door-to-door to gather information on who has not been vaccinated and to encourage them to get the jab.

This is despite the growing body of evidence that shows the vaccine is less than perfect, dangerous and even deadly.

Newly released training documents detail how they are recruiting and training these goons to pester senior citizens who should have the freedom to make their own choices.

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Lake County, Illinois released documents relating to their “Community Health Ambassador Outreach Door Knocking Project” that is designed to increase “COVID Vaccine Acceptance.” The documents reveal this administration’s questionable tactics in their slimy sales pitch for door knockers to ‘educate’ people on the experimental jab while invading their privacy and withholding vaccine side effects.

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“Senior Citizen: I’ve had allergic reactions to medications and foods years ago, is this vaccine safe for me?

 Community Health Associate: The only true contraindication to this vaccine is a severe (anaphylactic) reaction to an injectable/vaccine in your past.” (Click to Source)

Photos of the script uncover their campaign to lie to, harass, and intimidate those who have not received a vaccine. Volunteers are instructed to coerce property managers into letting them on the property to collect data on residents.

Volunteers are coached on how to let the property manager know that no personal info will be collected on residents, however the workers are also given a separate sheet to gather information such as: contact info, addresses, vaccination status, and vaccine interest.

In other words, they are lying about information being collected in order to get to your door to use intimidation tactics. (Click Here)

The script instructs vaccine goons to lie about side effects and explains they should end their conversations by telling the harassed senior citizen to “be a part of the COVID solution” so they can take the first step to “get their lives back.” They are also directed to violate people’s privacy by ignoring  “no solicitation” restrictions and adding residents’ personal information to a government database.

“Community Health Associate: I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me. Getting the vaccine is the first step in getting our lives back. You can be part of the COVID solution.“ (Click to Source)

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