Submitted by Dave Hodges on Sunday, July 11, 2021 – 13:08.

Whether we want to admit the truth or not, America’s final days are upon us. This article will review a cross-section of events that clearly illustrate how very accurate this statement has become.

There are some who have a fatal case of cognitive dissonance. We are now in triage mode. We need focus on saving those who are open to being saved and those people are the ones who will turn this struggle over to Jesus.

The Final Burial of America and American Citizens Is Being Planned At This Very Moment

Globalist oligarchs are gathering at an Idaho resort for a private and very secretive conference on immigration, criminal justice reform, climate change, and what they are calling information liberation. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, among other global comprise the key actors participating in this meeting. They are clearly planning the demise of the world, starting with the American empire. Below, the leaked major topics are listed with a brief explanation of how these issues are being used to hasten the demise of the country.

Climate Change

Climate change is about the deindustrialization of America. Zero carbon output is the impossible and unrealistic goal. Businesses will collapse, except for those favored by this group of oligarchs. The just-in-time-deliveries of the nation’s food supply will come to a grinding halt and please realize that this is being done to a nation that does not even know how to can and/or grow food. Mass starvation will result. And as the CSS has stated repeatedly, the huddled masses will present themselves to the nearest camps to obtain food, but as the CSS has repeatedly warned, the camps will turn into concentration camps for those deemed to be an enemy of the State. 

If one doubts this looming and fast-approaching outcome, please use the search engine of the site and search “Operation Mountain Guardian”.and if you are sitll not convinced, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Why does Bill Gates own over half of the farm land in America?
  2. Why is Bill Gates and friends sponsoring grotesque labs that are producing lab meat and dairy products? This one is easy to answer. Just like the Nazis that extracted Jewish labor, the Nazis, at the same time, incrementally starved these innocent people to death. Climate change is the cover for this one of many approaches to genocide that humanity will experience. 
  3. Why are the vast majority of the meat packing plants still idle which resulted in the slaughter of millions of cattle which will present as meat shortages?
  4. Why isn’t the Biden administration moving to correct the food supply chain problem?
  5. Why has the Biden administration moved to destroy American energy independence resulting in unsustainable food shipping costs in the land of 3000 mile salads? Food is becoming unaffordable. Soon, food will be unobtainable in traditional ways. 
  6. Why is the Biden administration so intent on seizing guns? They know that people will rise up and they need to minimize the impact of the resistance.  Along these lines, the Biden administration is making a tactical error. Massive amounts of US troops will leave the military if forcibly vaccinated. This will form the vanguard for any type of significant resistance. Don’t cheer to loudly…the resistance will be crushed just like the Nazis crushed the resistance in the Warsaw ghetto as Germans were resisted in an attempt to round up Jews in order to send them to the death camps. 
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Criminal Justice Reform and Immigration

The why behind these so-called reforms are painfully obvious. The globalists are taking a page out of Cloward and Piven with regard to overwhelming the system, thus, causing its collapse. A police state, headed by China and the United Nations, who will enter the United States under the Kigali Principles, will be implemented to quell the riots. At this point, all the so-called Brown Shirts will be eliminated with extreme prejudice just as they typically are at this point of all communist revolutions. It will be at this point that Pelosi, Feinstein, Schiff, Schumer, et al, will be executed. The ruling communists will have no use for traitors.

Chinese and UN tanks will patrol the streets of America. Roundups will continue for months. Shortages will dominate the American landscape as Americans will ultimately turn upon each other. Cities embroiled in massive resource riots will be encircled and cut off from the outside world. The movie triology, The Purge comes to mind as Americans will murder each other for the meager resources that remain. Once the damage is done, our foreign advesaries will enter the cities with extreme prejudice and will murder everything in sight. The Chinese may not be able to fufill the promise of Wei Fenghe and his promise to murder ALL Americans, but they are certainly going to try. This is easy to predict as it is a simple case of history repeating itself.

The Media and Big Tech Are Included In the Plot

The Daily Mail is reporting that mainstream media and Big Tech appeared at Idaho conference as it was billed as a “Billionaire Summer Camp”. One may be wondering why would the media be included? First, it will be Big Tech’s job to stop all reporting on these developments.The mainstream media’s job will be to deflect and disguise what is happening. Why? A communist takeover is the most vulnerable as it is being rolled out. It will be the job of this group to deflect any discernable pattern as to what is unfolding. 

To aid in the obfuscation of the plot, expect some very serious false flag events to aid in disguising this unfolding plot against America.


To review what has happened and what is unfolding in America, please consider the following chronology:

1. Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci conspired to conduct gain of function research with Chinese bioweapons scientists Wuhan.

2. The virus was released in time in America to effect voting changes (eg ballot harvesting, late voting, etc) and this allowed the election to be stolen. Subsequently, Trump’s ability to stop what was coming, was removed through election theft.

3. The Biden administration has one single purpose: To destroy America’s opportunity to respond to this Communist takeover of our country.

4. The Globalists are in Idaho planning the final stages of the demise against America.

There is more to report and more details will be offered in upcoming articles.


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