This Is What America Will Look Like As a Harris Presidency Becomes a Reality

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Monday, July 5, 2021 – 14:47.

Harris will soon be in charge and Americans who plan to survive, better have their preps in order. Time is very short.

The following brief introduction is something that I am considering placing at the beginning of every article because the following items have changed America forever:

  1. Fauci and his NIH/USAID friends conspired with the CHICOMS to bring a deadly virus to America
  2. The virus gave local and state leaders the ability to violate the Constitutional rights of every American and give government the full authority over what was sovereign citizens.
  3. The jointly developed virus achieved the political goal of removing Donald Trump from power. Without the virus, there would not have been the pretext for millions of illegitimate ballots that propelled Biden to victory over a populist president.
  4. The United States has been taken over by avowed Bolshevik communists who are dedicated to the destruction of the United States. In the present time, America is being deindustrialized by woke and green policies. The cohesion of our military has been severely weakened by woke policies and treasonous leadership on the part of JCS leadership under General “I’m ashamed of my white privilege” Milley. The right to dissent is being eroded and criminalized as domestic terrorism. America is being stripped of anything that made it powerful in the name of the woke cultural revolution, Mao style.  
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The present set of affairs could be described as critical and the Left is under pressure to act against America’s awakening before this “cancer” can grow. The awakening includes the following realizations:

  1. Joe Biden is the head of the Biden crime family and Hunter is his CEO.
  2. The American people are coming to the realization that the 2020 election was stolen.
  3. The people have forsaken the propaganda arm of the Deep State, namely, the mainstream media. All of cable and streaming is at an all-time low, especially the establishment’s “news” agencies.
  4. Most Americans see Biden as a helpless fool and Harris as grossly incompetent.
  5. Biden is weeks, months at most,  away from being deposed on the grounds of disability as defined in the 25the Amendment.
  6. Despite Harris’ obvious shortcomings, she is the present version of Hillary. And as such, she is emotionally equipped to deal with an ever-awakening populace who are increasingly seeing the Democrats for what they are. Harris is emotionally equipped to deal with a hostile public. She will be the President who will invoke massive false flag events designed to criminalize conservative Christians who must be ere-educated for their own good and the good of the New People’s Republic of America. The purge is coming.

In 2020, I stated that if Biden was able to steal the election, he would quickly be deposed and Harris would takeover. Here were my predictions:

 So, what will a Harris presidency bring? I made several Harris predictions last year in August and they are surprisingly accurate. They are in bold print the current status of these predictions follow:

  1. A Hillary Vice-Presidency will become a reality. Harris will undoubtedly be suffering a stiff neck from having to look over her shoulder on a constant basis. Assassination will become commonplace in the new regime true to the history of Bosheviks and Leninists. This threat among Communists is omnipresent.
  2. Free healthcare for undocumented workers will become a reality at your expense. Please note, it is already happening!
  3. A jumpstart to social security benefits for undocumented workers which will count their work history in their home country and credit to their new social security account. This is now in planning stages in Congress.
  4. Reintroduction of so-called quota systems which is another form of reverse racism. The woke culture has arrived as predicted.
  5. Post-birth abortions (ie murder). All abortions will be on demand and be federally funded. Churches will be forced to offer this service as a matter of employment regardless of religious belief. This part of the plot is under construction.
  6. No gasoline powered cars with little transition period. Harris and Biden both announced this policy coming the US in 2030.
  7. Under the (Gang Green New Deal), private property will be a thing of the past as America enters a period of neo-feudalism. Guess who the new serfs will be? This will appear in America after the midterm elections~
  8. Higher tax on residents living in the suburbs. This is something that she joked about as the “white privilege tax”. This is already happening with differential sales taxes on suburban gas.
  9. Opportunity program taxes which will be racially exclusive. Today, getting a farm loan from the government is impossible if one is white.
  10. Continued defunding of the police as America becomes as safe as 1992 Bosnia and present-day South Africa. Racially motivated crimes will skyrocket and prosecutions will become selective. Make no mistake about it, Harris is a racist of the highest order. The predicted crime wave is already upon us.
  11. Laws favoring pedophiles will be passed. Ask Kamala about her sister Maya and then ask her what is her favorite type of pizza.  The border crisis is allowing the Deep State to franchise child-sex-trafficking.
  12. The adoption of Nancy Pelosi’s proposed amendments to the stimulus bill with regard to CV-19 which includes federally mandated mask wearing, mandatory vaccinations which will be made legal because all other treatments will be illegal (ie HCQ), a health certificate will be required to leave the home, contract tracers and public health employees can enter homes to ensure compliance (editor’s note: Think Melbourne, Australia), taking “suspected” infectons to isolation camps. These would be the FEMA Medical Martial Law camps spoken of by myself and Celeste Solum. Pelosi is fulfilling all of the predictions.
  13. The reintroduction of sovereignty-destroying free trade agreements. They are already here courtesy of Biden’s Executive Order Pen.  
  14. A Harris presidency will move America toward UN rule. US law will become inferior to the new agreements that will be put into place by new treaties with the United Nations. The global minimum tax is a move in this direction. Further, the G-7 agreement on climate change makes this a real probability.
  15. Harris promised in the primary campaign season that she would give Congress 100 days to get the guns or she would invoke executive orders. This is underway as the Federal government has given the local police to enact Red Flag gun laws.
  16. Extreme censorship and criminal and civil sanctions for violation the new Internet etiquette. Have you seen the new DHS document which criminalizes any kind of  criticism of the government?

Dave Hodges of the CSS is not psychic. I simply listened to the words of these bad actors and combined their statements with my knowledge of history.

I have one more small number of predictions:

  1. We are in the false flag season because America is finally waking up.
  2. False Flags will become the order of the day and all false flag events will be blamed upon Trump supporters.
  3. The roundups will begin and the second major holocaust will be under way!
  4. At that point the Chinese and the Russians will invade the United States.

If you are wondering about time frames, this will all be over in two years at the most, probably much sooner.

Harris is the President

Hillary will be the VP (Click to Source)

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