The Two Most Frightening Words To Democrats on Independence Day: “TRUMP WON!”

Donald Trump is not in hiding—caught up in their own lies, the Democrats are!

By Judi McLeod ——Bio and ArchivesJuly 4, 2021

It’s July 4, 2021 and the most heartfelt greeting is no longer just ‘Happy Independence Day!’— but ‘SAVE AMERICA’!

The groundswell to ‘Save America!’ is drowning out the anti-America Biden administration—and getting out from under the Fake Mainstream Media.

Last night in Sarasota, Florida Right Side Broadcasting (RSB) got out from under powerful YouTube, which had blocked them from live streaming Donald Trump’s July 4th Eve rally.  RSB live streamed instead from Rumble—setting big time viewership record along the way.

Democrats hiding the fact that they are squatting on the White House instead of governing it

By the time the President started to speak, RBN had hit the 400,000 viewership mark—numbers never hit before when they were live streamed over YouTube!

Very little reportage by the MSM, including Fox News this morning, but patriots, who stayed waiting for America’s 45th through three hours of pelting rain and lightning on Sarasota Fairgrounds are still celebrating the rally today in their one hundred percent American hearts!

“Taking the podium, Trump condemned the radical left and their intent to defund police departments by slamming Democrats for the mayhem they have brought to their cities. The 45th president urged the crowd to vote red for law, order and justice to be reinstated within the nation. (OAN, July 3, 2021)

…”Trump took aim at the justice system for targeting people based on their political standing and argued they only seek to prosecute him as well as other Republicans. He went on to slam the Biden administration by comparing his accomplishments while in office.

“But now Joe Biden has intentionally dismantled the border and allowed the cartels, coyotes, child smugglers, woman smugglers…drug dealers, murderers and savage MS-13 gang members to infiltrate our country like never before,” he stated. “It’s never been life this. Think of it six months ago. We had the safest border in history and now we have the worst and most unsafe border in history.”

“The 45th president went on to reiterate he won the presidency and added great things will soon happen for our country. His speech was followed by a firework show, with patriotic music and crowds chanting his name.”

In trying to hide Trump from the news, Fox and the MSM look as silly as the Democrats hiding the fact that they are squatting on the White House instead of governing it.

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‘Will Not Be Canceled’, ‘Nor Purged From History Or Our Hearts’

Trump’s message: July 4 ‘Will Not Be Canceled’, ‘Nor Purged From History Or Our Hearts’- (NewsMax, July 3, 2021)

Nor media or not, can a good man be held down when more than 50 percent of the country is on his side.

“Delivering a message of patriotism on the eve of the July 4 holiday, former President Donald Trump vowed “it will not be canceled,” and American founders and patriots “will never be purged from history or canceled from our hearts.” (Newsmax)

“Tomorrow we will celebrate 245 years of glorious American Independence: It will not be canceled, by the way,” Trump told his Save America rally Saturday night in Sarasota, Florida, which aired live on Newsmax. “And we will teach young people across the country that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson. John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock will forever be American heroes.”

“Trump denounced cancel culture and anti-American sentiment coming from activist groups seeking to destroy American historical symbols and statues.

“People want to take their names off buildings,” Trump continued. “Can you believe it? They took names off buildings like George Washington. And I told you this is where they’re coming from.

“We’re not going to let that happen. They will never be purged from history or canceled from our hearts.”

“If Biden and the radical Democrats get their way, you can kiss your suburbs, your fourth of July, your barbecue, and you can kiss the American dream goodbye,” Trump said later.

“Trump added a vow to continue the tradition of the July 4 holiday, as the Biden administration blocked a fireworks display over Mount Rushmore in South Dakota that GOP Gov. Kristi Noem fought to deliver as her state did last year with Trump as president.

“The mission for all of us here tonight is to preserve the legacy of July 4, 1776, and to defend our liberty from the radical left movement that seeks to cancel this date, demolish our heritage, and destroy our beloved nation.

“In just five months, the Biden administration has launched an all out assault on everything we cherish and we value under Joe Biden and the left.”

“Trump began his rally with a call out for patriotism and “free and fair elections.”

Smiling broadly in the midst of wildly cheering throngs, the unstoppable MAGA leader stayed to watch the fireworks display that ended his third post-election rally.

Fireworks are fireworks whether they’re at Mount Rushmore or Sarasota!

“I’m thrilled to be home in the great state of Florida with the thousands and thousands of proud American patriots, who stand strong for faith, and family, of God and country, and never forget free and fair elections and strong borders,” Trump said.(Newsmax)

“Let me begin by wishing each and every one of you a blessed and happy Fourth of July.”

“We have a truly sick election system, it’s got to be changed”

“Former President Donald Trump warned at his third “Save America” rally on Saturday night that Americans no longer have free speech, describing a powerful system “for media and online censorship” that only presents the Democratic Party’s view of politics, including that Trump is attacking democracy by discussing potential election fraud. (Epoch Times, July 4, 2021)

“We have a truly sick election system, it’s got to be changed,” the 45th president told thousands of supporters gathered in Robarts Arena in Sarasota, Florida.

“Remember this, I am not the one trying to undermine American democracy,” he said in response to the legacy media and Democrat claims. “I am the one trying to save American democracy.”

“Trump rebuked Biden’s immigration policies destroying the American southern border.

“Tonight, I want to speak to every border agent, ICE officer, and law enforcement professional who Joe Biden has cruelly betrayed,” Trump said. “He’s betrayed. They lied during the campaign. I told you they were lying, but lot of people didn’t believe me. They lied like hell.”

“He also hailed American law enforcement amid activist attempts to defund the police, leading to a crime wave across America’s Democrat-led cities.

“All law enforcement I want you to know that the American people thank you, they believe in you, they love you, they respect you, they need you,” Trump said.

“And we are going to fight for you.”

It happened on July 4th Eve: Donald Trump is not in hiding—caught up in their own lies, the Democrats are!

It’s happening on July 4th, a greeting that calls out:”Save America!”

Meanwhile, the two most frightening words to Democrats hiding from voters’ wrath: “TRUMP WON!

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