Dong Jinwei, China’s top intelligence head, defects to the DIA. Why not the CIA or FBI?

Written By Joseph Ragonese | Jun 30, 2021

FLORIDA: According to General Tom McInerney, the top Chinese spy, Dong Jinwei, would only defect to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and no other intelligence agencies for one reason. Because he knows exactly who is spying for China within those agencies.

The Two Mikes podcast recently hosted retired Lt. General Tom McInerney. In the ensuing discussion, the general provided a good deal of new information about the defection of a top-level Chinese official, Dong Jinwei.

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This high-profile defector is (or was) a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and was in charge of its overseas intelligence apparatus, including the supervision of all Chinese spies or agents overseas.

That cohort includes all agents and their spies inside the United States.

The list might include some members of Congress. It could also include academics, journalists, and businessmen.

Some of these individuals hold prominent positions in their chosen fields, and might even include the President of the United States. Of course, at this point, we can only speculate. However, whichever individuals Dong names will need to prepare for the consequences of their traitorous behavior. Some are likely quaking in their boots, or high heels, as this article is being written.

Why the DIA?

The interesting choice Dong made to defect to the Defense Intelligence Agency, a branch of our military and not the CIA or FBI —should raise the awareness of Americans concerned with events in our recent history.

The possible Chinese infiltration of those historic agencies that usually debrief defectors, namely the FBI and CIA, could prove explosive. The infiltration appears so deep and pervasive that America may very well face the danger of a virtual Chinese Communist Party dictatorship at some point.

Dong knows this. Yet he chose to defect to freedom, with his daughter, to escape the tyranny of communism.

Who is Dong Jinwei?

Dong Jingwei, was China’s top counterintelligence official. Dong’s top focus was on the thousands of assets China has been working inside the United States government and across all sectors of American society in general.

General McInerney emphasizes that Dong Jinwei defected to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

He did so even though, historically, either the CIA or FBI debriefs foreign intelligence officers.

General McInerney, who previously served as the number three man at the Pentagon, has spoken to contacts about this incident. He understands why Dong chose to go to the DIA instead of other agencies that normally work with defectors.

“The CIA, the FBI, and the Department of Justice and other organizations are dirty,” McInerney said, “and we have Deep Staters there that have their interest, not the nation’s interests.”

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The consequences of those Chinese spies within our government

In his public statements, McInerney did not go into detail about who these Chinese spies are inside the FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice. But judging by their actions, going back to at least 2012 when they aided Obama’s spying on Mitt Romney, their numbers are many and their reach is wide.

Going back at least to 2012, China has influenced our elections through its network of spies embedded within America’s intelligence apparatus.

The proof is evident in the outrageous treatment given to President Trump by the intelligence community.

That treatment can only be called traitorous. As the sitting President attempted to conduct international diplomacy, they undermined him at every level. As most Americans know, these subversives went as far as to have President Trump impeached by Congress on phony charges. Twice.

Throughout his entire term, Trump could not conduct a telephone call with a foreign leader without some intelligence agency second-guessing every word and phrase uttered by the President. And worse. In many cases, they deliberately leaked, selectively, cherry-picked and out-of-context presidential statements to the press.

Many of the Chinese agents within the Deep State collaborated with the Chinese Communist government to disrupt the 2020 election. They worked behind the scenes to ensure that Joe Biden, one of their deep plants, installed as America’s next president. Suspicions have increased that Biden, along with son Hunter, may even be on the Chinese payroll. Dong, of course, would know all of this. He may also have clear evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic was a planned biological attack primarily aimed at the United States.

Who would you trust in Washington?

According to McInerney, the DIA remained the least likely agency susceptible to Chinese infiltration. This may largely explain why Dong defected only to them. He feared for his life going to any other agency. After all, someone likely murdered Jeffrey Epstein while he remained on a suicide watch.

Subsequently, the DOJ charged no one with any form of negligence in this prominent, DOJ-run case. So what chance might a Chinese defector expect when housed under the protection of that very same DOJ?

According to McInerney,

“He went specifically to the DIA, which tells me in his analysis the DIA has not been tinged with dirt.”

General McInerney believes that Dong Jinwei feared he would be killed if he went to the CIA or FBI. After all, the leaders of those agencies, under Obama’s orders, sold the signals-intercept capability known as ‘Hammer and Scorecard” to China, probably for at least $100 million.

The Wuhan Flu attack on the world

Adding to Jinwei’s fear is his knowledge of the U.S. Government-Democrat-CPP cooperation in biological warfare research. The result delivered the Obama/Fauci-funded Wuhan Flu to the United States, in what may soon prove to have been a direct biological attack on the U.S. An attack that any normal country would consider an act of war.

Officials at the Defense Intelligence Agency have high confidence in the information Dong has provided, thus far. This includes information showing that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is in fact a military bioweapons research laboratory, completely controlled by the People’s Liberation Army. We do not know whether the PLA intended to attack America with the Covid-19 virus or whether they only developed it. But Dong does know.

We do know that American scientists were working at the Wuhan lab.

We also know that Dr. Fauci funded research there, using American taxpayer funds to do so. Subsequently, he lied to Congress about that fact, as well as about the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus. Is Dr. Fauci a Chinese spy?

According to General McInerney, Dong’s information claims that the Wuhan laboratory engineered the virus we now know as SARS-CoV-2. At this time, we can only speculate about what else DIA knows about this allegation.

But you can bet it goes deeper than what the public is being told. That’s likely because different, independent research exists that contradicts the information passed about the largely discredited MSM. We must also remember, Dong knows exactly which “journalists” are working for the Chinese Communist government.

Some newly “settled science”?

An expert virologist, and a scientist, formerly with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, used information provided by Dong in conjunction with previously available public information, about the virus’ genome. This research independently determined that man, not nature, engineered this virus variant. It did not naturally evolve.

“Dong was in charge of all the agents globally for the Chinese Communist Party and for Communist China, specifically the U.S.,” Gen. McInerney continued. He said that Dong’s knowledge of not only the biological attack but also the CCP’s complicity in the 2020 presidential election fraud might also have persuaded him to choose the DIA. Could the DIA be the “least bad guy” within the Deep State apparatus? If anyone would know, it would be Dong.

Interestingly, one of those deep state leaders who collaborated with Obama, James Comey, and others now work for one of the top three social media companies. This likely demonstrates whose side that U.S. social media supports.

The CCP and the Democratic Party, of course, likely used that traitorously deployed capability, course, to steal the 2020 presidential election from Trump.

How secure is Dong Jinwei?

Dong Jinwei merits the best protection DIA can offer. Given that protection, he can be completely and safely debriefed on all Chinese intelligence operations and agents. That would also include their US business and politician allies.

With intimate knowledge of the Wuhan Flu as a biological attack as well as the CCP’s involvement in the 2020 election fraud, Dong Jinwei may be the most important defector in world history.
Our only hope is that if the GOP can retake the House of Representatives and the Senate in 2022, they step up and use any information developed through him to stop the CCP attempt to take over America.

Without majorities in Congress, however, Jinwei’s devastating information will likely be buried forever. It could end up “canceled” by the very Deep State traitors that Dong continues to share with DIA. (Click to Source)

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