Arizona’s Audit Work in Veterans Memorial Coliseum is Complete – What’s Next and What Do We Know?

By Joe Hoft Published June 26, 2021 at 1:20pm

The Arizona audit of the 2020 Election Results in Maricopa County is now complete.  What do we know as a result of this exercise?

1. The people of Arizona are heroes.  They got together and looked at the 2020 Election results and saw the corruption and did something about it.  We were first introduced to these heroes in December when individuals like Liz Harris gave a live presentation of the results of their canvassing after the audit.  These heroes knew there was fraud that occurred in the election and they presented their evidence (unfortunately YouTube took down their video).

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2. The people of Arizona spoke up and demanded an audit in Arizona.  They didn’t want an audit like the garbage audits the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors held in the county which were guaranteed to find nothing.  No, these people wanted a forensic audit of all the ballots in the county like the type of audit Jovan Hutton Pulitzer claimed he could perform.

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3. The Arizona Republican Senate heard and worked very hard to overcome the slanderous claims from the Democrats that came from the top of the Democrats’ umbrella of nonprofit entities.  Despite constant attacks, the Arizona Senate moved forward courageously and with honor and put together arguably the best audit and team in US auditing history.  Under Senator Karen Fann’s leadership, the Arizona Senate showed what their wonderful state is made of and they are now revered by Americans and other good people around the world.

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4. The auditors performing this audit in Arizona are amazing.  They put together a process where every ballot in Maricopa County, all 2.1 million of them, was counted and forensically analyzed.  Despite their goodwill and outstanding audit program, the demons on the left went after them.  The auditors’ fortitude and work ethic carried them through the corrupt Democrat’s threats as they moved ahead in their effort to find the truth.

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5.  The audit continues.  The ballot images still need to be analyzed.  Maricopa County officials still refuse to turn over requested material.  So the work continues.

6.  Now we wait until the reports are filed and made public.  We may know something Monday on the ballot counting. But based on prior audit experiences, we know a few things about the Arizona Senate’s audit of Maricopa County.

  • As an international auditor myself, it is highly unlikely that the auditors found nothing as a result of their work.  If everything was fine and no issues were found, the audit team would have ended their work some time ago and had their report completed showing no issues.  But instead, they had to add staff to complete their work.
  • The work isn’t over yet, a report must be written.  With 2.1 million ballots there may be a number of items that were found.  This takes time to complete.
  • The legislature will have to make changes based on the results of the audit. (Click to Source)

The audit continues.  We await the results.

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