AZ AUDIT – Spox Randy Pullen: “The Report is Going to Come Out and There’s No Doubt that it Will Be Challenged”

By Jordan Conradson Published June 19, 2021 at 5:30pm

The Arizona Audit continues today with paper evaluation, counting Braille ballots, signature verification, and quality control checks to ensure the final report will stand in court when the findings are released. The paper examination will be completed by June 26.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson spoke to audit spokesperson, Randy Pullen to ask about the next steps after the Coliseum lease ends in June. Randy told him that once they’re finished examining ballots, they will produce the final report.

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Randy said, “The report is going to come out and there is no doubt that it will be challenged.”

Obviously, the Arizona Senate and Trump supporters will be satisfied when this exceedingly secure and transparent, in-depth full forensic audit is finalized. Trump’s team will not have a challenge no matter what is found. We will finally know the truth about 2020 after this audit is completed.

The boxes in the far corral are awaiting paper evaluation. Boxes in the close corral have been completed.

Recently on John Fredricks Outside the Beltway, Ken Bennett cited “fifty-two people voting from a two-bedroom home somewhere, or people voting twice, or dead people voting” while speaking about the irregularities they are finding.

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The only group expected to challenge the outcome of the Senate’s audit is the left. They are expected to object to the audit unless it’s favorable to them.

They have already thrown everything they’ve got legally at this audit to prevent us from finding the results.

This is very telling of what we can expect to find in the coming months. (Click to Source)

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